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My Job Chart Teaches Kids Valuable Life Skills

My Job Chart Teaches Kids Valuable Life Skills

My Job Chart

My Job Chart
As parents we want our kids to grow up to be responsible adults. Today’s kids spend more and more on time online at the computer and playing video games. Enticing them to complete chores with a paper chore chart and gold stars, isn’t enough. We’ve tried different chore charts and methods over the years and none of them seem to stick. I think I’ve found the perfect solution! My Job Chart teaches kids valuable life skills with it’s free online chore chart and reward system.

Kids like how interactive it is. They can sign in online to My Job Chart each day to view their daily chores and earn points by completing tasks. Kids can save, share, or spend the points they earn right online. Your children can then choose to donate and share their points with a charity, or save to buy something from the integrated online store.

Check out this video to see how My Job Chart works!

My Job Chart is fun and interactive for kids, and motivates them to earn and save. I like that My Job Chart encourages saving by letting you link up your kid’s savings account. My Job Chart is very easy for parents to set up and is easy for children to use. Kids of any age will benefit from using My Job Chart. I think it’s best to start teaching kids at a very young age the value of hard work and the benefit of savings. My Job Chart is a great way to get started.

Helping to bridge the motivational gap between kids and responsibility, My Job Chart takes the hard work out of instilling the strong work ethics into them. My Job Chart is Free to use, so I encourage you to check it out!

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