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My Simplified Holiday Decor

My Simplified Holiday Decor

I have scaled way back on holiday decorating the last few years. I know you are probably thinking that I am the Christmas scrooge right about now, but I think I have still managed to capture the holiday spirit with just less stuff. Every inch of my house use to be covered in holiday decorations, including multiple Christmas trees. These days I have the philosophy that less is more. Less clutter means less dusting for me and fewer things that have to be repacked in January.

I tried to give the house a thorough cleaning before bringing out the Christmas decorations this year, if only that cleaning would last throughout the holiday season. The reality is that between all of the people and dogs around here, I have to run the sweeper just about everyday. Mostly due to our 4 legged friends. We can also thank the dogs for the table top Christmas tree that has taken the place of the 7 foot tree we use to put up. Yes, they are bad dogs.     

Last week I found my mother out in the yard foraging for pine cones and acorns for the dining room decorations. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now think she did a fabulous job decorating the dining room. My mom’s sense of style is very simple and natural, and it apparently has rubbed off on me.

I guess my 2 best tips for keeping it clean this holiday season are to clean first – then decorate, and keep it simple.

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