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Join Us and @NGKids for #WeirdWednesday Twitter Party on 12/4 at 9 PM EST

Join Us and @NGKids for #WeirdWednesday Twitter Party on 12/4 at 9 PM EST

National Geographic Kids Weird but True #WeirdWednesday

We are huge fans of National Geographic Kids around here at About a Mom. They do such an amazing job of making learning about things like science and animals fun for kids. The “Weird but True” books are some of our favorites, each filled with hundreds of interesting and sometimes mind blowing facts. It’s no wonder Weird but True is one of National Geographic Kids most popular franchises. From books, to a magazine column, to facts on the National Geographic Kids website and a WBT app, Weird but True spans all mediums, and is loved by many.

During the month of December, National Geographic Kids will be taking us all behind the yellow border with everything Weird but True!

National Geographic Kids Weird but True #WeirdWednesday

National Geographic Kids is declaring Wednesday, December 4th as #WeirdWednesday on the heels of Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday.

What are some of the weird but true things going on?

On December 4th, National Geographic Kids will be crowning Austin, Texas as the Weird But True Town of the Year and launching nominations for next year’s weirdest town at:

What’s weird but true about you? On December 4, National Geographic is encouraging everyone to share via social media some weird but true facts and photos about you or the world using the hashtag #WeirdWednesday!

Weird but True Survey

Nat Geo Kids conducted a survey asking kid readers what they think is weird and wonderful about themselves and their worlds. The results are pretty interesting and in some cases hysterical. Here’s just a small sampling of the results:

What makes your parents weird but cool?
Dad… can wiggle his ears; burps the alphabet; does ’80s dances; roller skates; says “yo” all the time.
Mom… runs 100-mile races; does weird dances; does judo; is crazy about bats; calls “gangnam” style “gum gum” style.

Coolest weird fact about you (some of the editors’ favorites):
Bodily functions — I can lick my elbow; I can make my eyeballs shake; I can make my tongue into a clover; I can make my eyebrows dance to music.
Ketchup — I can chug ketchup; I eat ketchup on mac and cheese; I hate ketchup.
I have memorized 63 digits of pi.

Weirdest holiday tradition you love:
Acting like a turkey on Thanksgiving.
Baking 84 dozen cookies each Christmas.
Destroying gingerbread houses with a remote-control truck.
Eating 12 skinless grapes on New Year for good luck.

Weird but True

#WeirdWednesday Twitter Party

Please join us on Wednesday, December 4, at 9 pm EST for the #WeirdWednesday Twitter party with @NGKids and host @TruthfulMommy! There will be some fantastic Weird but True prizes given out, and it’s a chance to share what’s weird but true about yourself and the things around you.

What: #WeirdWednesday Twitter Party
When: December 4, 2013 at 9pm EST
Hashtag: #WeirdWednesday
Who to follow: Hosts @NGKids and @TruthfulMommy, Panelists: @aboutamom, @sunandsipcups, @MommyPowers, and @MommyNiri
Prizes: 10 Weird but True Books (1 – 5 and Ye Olde Weird but True), 2 Weird but True Collector’s Box Sets, 1 Ultimate Weird but True, 1 Ultimate Weird but True 2, 1 Ultimate Weird but True Book Set, 1 Grand Prize – The Entire Weird but True Set

Please RT and help spread the word about this great party!

RSVP for the #WeirdWednesday Twitter Party

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for you kids? We recommend the Ye Olde Weird but True and Ultimate Weird but True 2 books!

Be sure to check out the FREE National Geographic Weird but True app! Also, don't forget to enter our National Geographic Kids Magazine Giveaway here on About a Mom.

Disclosure: As a National Geographic Kids Insider I receive special access and the occasional product sample. I receive no monetary compensation as part of this program and have no obligations to National Geographic Kids as part of this program.

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