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Nature’s Sleep Dog Bed Review

Nature’s Sleep Dog Bed Review

Doesn’t your pet deserve a good night’s sleep?

The dogs are probably the most spoiled members of our family. They seem to be sleeping a lot more, as they get older and it’s becoming more difficult for them to jump onto the big beds. Having comfortable pet beds for them to sleep in is really important to us.

Nature's Sleep Dog Bed
Lilly love her new Nature's Sleep Dog Bed!

Nature’s Sleep was kind enough to send us a Visco Memory Foam Dog Bed for review. The dogs go totally nuts whenever a delivery truck comes to the house, so it was quite exciting when the Fed-Ex man actually delivered something for them.

I have an embarrassing story to share…
When I first pulled the dog bed out of the box, it was scrunched up and there was a hard lump in the middle of it. I couldn’t believe they had sent me a defective bed. Well, not so much…right away I sent an email to the Nature’s Sleep PR rep to let her know that our pet bed was broken. I got an almost immediate response explaining that the shredded Visco foam layer is vacuum packed and it can get stuck together when in the Vacpaked state, which is done for shipping and storage efficiencies. This is more eco-friendly with a reduced carbon footprint. Given the time of year (February) the foam can become further aggravated from the cold weather. All I needed to do is to unzip the removable and washable cover, take out the water proof inner scrim with the layers in it and manually pull apart the shredded foam cluster.

Well I felt a bit foolish, considering I probably should have read the literature included in the box first. I did what I was told and pulled apart the shredded Visco foam layer. It was like magic! Suddenly, we had this remarkably cozy bed.

Nature's Sleep Pet Bed
Doesn't Winston look cozy in his new bed?

I learned that the whole layering and design is for the benefit of the pet as animals like to nest and enjoy the option to move around the inner materials to make their little home. My dog, Winston, immediately proved this by climbing in and digging around before he plopped down into the new bed. Learn from my mistake –  when your Nature’s Sleep dog be arrives, it’s not broken. It’s just eco-friendly packaging!

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ~ Charles Schulz

With regard to comfort and durability, the Nature’s Sleep pet bed is far superior to any that we have purchased from the store. It is made with a solid Visco elastic memory foam base layer that is topped with a Luxurious thick Shredded Visco comfort layer for a unique blend of support and surface softness.

Features of the Nature’s Sleep Bolstered Pet Bed:

  • Solid visco memory foam base layer
  • Thick Shredded Visco comfort layer ideal for “nesting”
  • Top Fiber layer for soft comfort
  • Fiber filled Bolster
  • Removable washable cover
  • Waterproof scrim preventing moisture from reaching & harming the foam
  • Non Skid bottom panel
  • Compressed and vacuum packed for easy cost effective shipping
  • Available in 3 colors – Taupe, Chocolate, Sage
  • Available in 3 sizes
dog bed
I have a new Fancy bed! Thanks Nature's Sleep!

The bed we received is really large, so I assumed they had sent us a size medium or large, but was shocked to learn it was a small. Both of our 20 pound dogs can comfortably lie in this bed together.

The large bolster that runs along the back of the bed is really nice for the dogs to snuggle up or rest their heads. I honestly cannot get over how much of a difference the shredded Visco layer makes for the dogs, especially for Winston who instinctively digs before he lying down.

For me, the best feature of this bed is how well it washes. We have very messy dogs, so I have already had to wash it twice. The cover easily zips off and can go right into the washing machine. There has been no shrinkage and it comes out good as new.

Nature’s Sleep offers a variety of mattresses, pillows, toppers, foundations, slippers, pet beds and more.

dog bed
Is it time to get up already?

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