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New Disney App for Windows: Where’s My Mickey?

New Disney App for Windows: Where’s My Mickey?

New Disney App for Windows: Where's My Mickey?

An exciting new Disney app for Windows called Where’s My Mickey? was releases last month on June 20th, and I have quickly learned that it’s so much fun to play. Where’s My Mickey? is a new life-like physics-based game from Disney that comes to Windows 8 with stimulating weather mechanics and humorous animations. Combining Disney’s old with it’s new, I was excited to see a more classic Mickey make an appearance for this game.

New Disney App for Windows: Where's My Mickey?

Featuring the Disney characters Mickey and Goofy, will have you immersed in the ultimate mobile gaming experience as you watch funny episodes while solving challenging puzzles! This latest game in the “Where’s My?” series will have you tapping, swiping, pinching, and swirling to help Mickey collect water and complete each story. Every drop counts!

If you’ve played any of the other Where’s My Water games, you’ll know how this goes. Swipe across the screen to clear paths through dirt and funnel water into certain areas. In this case, you must direct water to Mickey (sporting his new retro look) so he can make lemonade. There are also clouds that can catch and drop water when tapped, and wind that can blow those clouds around the stage. Just like the other “Where’s My?” games, Where’s My Mickey has lots of collectibles to find, and plenty of stages to go through.

where's my mickey disney app review

• Original Episodes – Explore 5 unique episodes with surprising and witty scenarios! Watch how each story unfolds and ends as you play through individual level packs!

• Brand New Weather Mechanics – Use wind, clouds and rain to maneuver through 100+ levels filled with fun challenges!

• A Whole New Look – A classic Mickey art-style with a contemporary touch, inspired by Disney Channel’s new series of Mickey Cartoons!

• Collectibles and Bonus Levels – Help Pluto look for hidden collectibles to unlock more bonus puzzles!

• Featuring Mickey and Friends – Discover more hilarious episodes and new friends, beginning with Goofy!

• Extra Levels (XL) – Play 20 extra-LARGE levels exclusively designed for the big screen experience! Only available on your tablet!

I recommend the Where’s My Mickey? XL app for tablets. The app costs $4.99 but you do get the 20 extra-large levels.

A sneak preview of the first episode – “When Life Gives You Lemons”:
On a hot summer day, Mickey decides to open up a lemonade stand. He’s got a bowl, the lemons, and a long line of thirsty customers, yet NO WATER! Help Mickey collect water and “tri-star” each level for ultimate fun! Even the stars are animated!

If you’re a fan of vintage Mickey, you will love the animated shorts embedded on each level of the game. I love that this is one of those games that is simple enough for children, while still being entertaining for moms and dads.

Try 6 Goofy puzzles for FREE and unlock the remaining episodes for a small additional price! Visit Where’s My Water on Facebook for more hints, tips and secrets.

Game is rated for Ages 7+

Disclosure: I am a Windows Champions Blogger for 2013. As part of my participation in the program I will have the opportunity to try out new products and promotions.

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