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Our Dial Into Giving Donation #DialCFK #CBias

Our Dial Into Giving Donation #DialCFK #CBias

Last week we shared with you a bit of our shopping trip, in preparation for a Dial Into Giving SIMPLE Service Project donation. Laura and I were able to pick up a lot of Dial soap products, at great prices, from our local Walmart to add to our Dial Into Giving donation. This SIMPLE Service project is being done through Champions for Kids to help others in need. Also to raise awareness of the importance of keeping your hands washed, as a way to stay healthy and prevent illness.

Dial Into Giving SIMPLE Service Project

Please check out our Dial Into Giving Google Plus Album to see more pics from our shop!

I mentioned in our earlier blog post that our plans were to make a donation of Dial soaps and other toiletries to the Community Outreach Center in our county where they give out monthly food boxes to people in need. Food Stamps don’t allow for the purchase of toiletries, so there is a real need for these items. Especially in a poor rural community like ours. We found out a few days ago that our Community Outreach Center had lost the funding they were using to fund the food box program. This was crushing news! So many people in our county rely on the food box that they get once a month. We made new arrangements to drop off our donation to the Health Department, who would distribute the toiletries to WIC recipients.

Dial Into Giving SIMPLE Service Project

Before moving forward with our Dial Into Giving Donation, we wanted to gather a few more items. We set a donation basket near our front door and asked our friends and family to stop by and donate a few items. It was nice to visit with our friends, but so awesome that we could pull together for such a worthy cause.  Take a look at all we were able to donate!

Dial Into Giving

I really wanted the kids to be a part of this SIMPLE Service Project, so we made an appointment with Nurse Nona up at the health department to drop off our donation on the way to cheerleading practice one afternoon. I hoped this would be a good opportunity for them to learn the importance of giving back, and it was. Teenagers can be quite self absorbed at times, so it was nice to see them so excited about helping others.

Dial Into Giving

Nurse Nona was thrilled to accept our donation. She chatted with us a bit about the needs of our community and gave us the wonderful news that the county would soon have the funding back to resume the food box program. When we told her about our SIMPLE Service Project through Champions for Kids, she was happy to talk to us more about the importance of using products like Dial soap and to wash our hands often, to prevent illness. Especially during the cold and flu season, it’s so important to use anti-bacterial soap. Since we were on the topic of cold and flu season, Nurse Nona offered to give the kids their flu shots while we were there. The kids weren’t too keen on this idea, but it was much needed and appreciated.

Dial Into Giving

The Dial soaps and toiletries that we donated, along with our friends, will be given out to WIC recipients in our community. We were able to learn a lot more about the WIC Program which is a government program that helps women, babies, and children. The program provides nutrition education and supplemental foods to help good health for expectant moms, women who are breastfeeding, infants, and young children. We were so happy to do our little part to further help some of the WIC recipients in our community.

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Dial Into Giving

Let’s All Get Involved!

I am so grateful to Champions for Kids and Dial for giving my family the opportunity to lend a helping hand, through the Dial Into Giving SIMPLE Service Project. This awesome program will help so many children live healthier and cleaner lives. I encourage you to visit the Champions for Kids web site and find out how you can do your own Dial Into Giving SIMPLE Service Project to help your community. You’ll be amazed by how simple it really is. Let’s all be one of the millions needed to help Champions for Kids meet their goal of helping 20 million people by 2020.

To follow along with the Dial Into Giving program and learn how you can participate, be sure to connect with Champions for Kids on Facebook and Twitter. Also connect with Dial on Facebook and Twitter. #DialCFK

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Dial Soaps #DialCFK  #CBias #SocialFabric

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  • Very nice – it’s great to have a local place you can donate to, especially when you are able to get things you don’t really need free or really cheap with sales and coupons – there’s always someone who is glad to have them!

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