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Outdoor Fun With Bubbles and Water Balloons: Imperial Toys Review

Outdoor Fun With Bubbles and Water Balloons: Imperial Toys Review

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The warm weather is upon us in Georgia. The cover came off the pool this week and the kids have been having fun playing outside. It was even nice enough for my grandson and some friends to camp out in the cabin last weekend. A package of goodies from the Imperial Toy Spring Bubble line arrived at the perfect time.

Founded in 1969, Imperial Toy is the worldwide leader in the sale and manufacture of bubbles and novelty toys that are sold in over 50 countries. Their web site is jam packed with a variety of toys, that will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

Imperial Toy

Imperial Toy has debuted a new Spring line of bubble and outdoor toys that are sure to inspire endless hours of outdoor fun. The collection includes toys such as the Super Miracle Bubble Glow Fusion Sabre with glow in the dark bubbles, Bubble Turbine, KAOS Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher, and the KAOS Fast ‘n Easy Filler for water balloons. Imperial Toys was gracious enough to let try all of these out!


First I have to say that the KAOS Fast ‘n Easy Filler is a must-have tool for water balloon fun. You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to fill water balloons by attaching the Tie-Not to a garden hose, sliding on a balloon, and pressing the lever at the top to allow water to flow. Then all you have to do is slide the end through the slot and tie it off. Easy peasy! So easy that the grand kids can do it themselves.

The KAOS Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher takes the water balloon fight to a whole new level. Balloons can be launched up to 100 feet with a flick of the wrist. It gives Maddie an advantage over her brother who is 4 years older. I think we will need to order a couple more of these though, just to even the playing field a bit.

Who knew a 14 year old would be so excited about blow in the dark bubbles? Both the younger and older kids alike have had a blast with the Super Miracle Bubble Glow Fusion Sabre and the glow in the dark bubbles. Check out this video from Imperial Toy that shows just how cool Super Miracle Bubble Glow Fusion really is!

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When it comes to bubbles, the Super Miracle Bubbles Bubble Turbine reigns supreme. Maddie first tried this toy out in the kitchen, but I recommend this as better suited for outdoor play. It’s recommended for ages 3 and up and is really easy to use. All you have to do is dip it into the tray and pull the trigger. The fan-like design blows the air out, creating humongous bubbles. We’re talking a ton of humongous bubbles!

After spending some time browsing Imperial Toy’s easy to navigate web site, I discovered that all of these toys are very affordable. They seem to be high quality toys that should hold up to rough outdoor play. I highly recommend visiting the Imperial Toy site to check out the Spring and Summer toys that will keep your kids happy outdoors for hours. Be sure to connect with Imperial Toy on Facebook for the latest product information and promotions.

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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  • My Grandkids love bubble toys. They have a lawn mower that shoots bubbles and a bunch of other stuff. Im sure they would enjoy these as well.

  • I have got to get my hands on that water balloon launcher! That is awesome for sneak attacks! I will definitely need to try out the glow in the dark bubbles, too.

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