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Overcoming Back to School Anxiety

Overcoming Back to School Anxiety

overcoming back to school anxiety

The transition from August to September can be difficult for many children. Even children who are eager to return to class must adjust to greater levels of pressures associated with school life. There are ways you can help your child cope with Back-to-School anxiety.

overcoming back to school anxiety

Overcoming Back to School Anxiety

Arrange play dates. Before school starts and during the first weeks of school, try to arrange get-togethers with some of your child’s classmates. This will help your child re-establish positive social relationships with peers.

Remain positive. It’s good to acknowledge anxiety over a bad experience the previous year. Children who had a difficult time last year are more likely to be fearful or reluctant to return to school. If your child had trouble socially or was bullied, it is a good idea to address the concern with the school and confirm that the problem will be addressed. Reassure your child that you are working with the school to prevent these same problems from happening again.

Don’t make it such a big deal. Try not to make such a big deal over returning to school. Overreacting will only put added pressure on your child.

Plan to volunteer. If possible, arrange to volunteer in your child’s classroom throughout the year. Being in the classroom is a good way to develop a relationship with your child’s teachers and classmates. It will give you firsthand exposure to the classroom environment and routine. Most teachers welcome the help of parents.

Give them reminders. Give your child reminders that you care, throughout the school day in the form of lunch notes or book bag notes. Send personal notes that will give them inspiration and let them know you are thinking of them.

Dealing with Back-to-School anxiety can be difficult. Taking these steps can help make your child’s transition back to school much easier. What measures do you take to help with overcoming Back to School anxiety?

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