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Patio Salad and Herb Garden Update

Patio Salad and Herb Garden Update

patio salad and herb garden update

This post brought to you by Gro-ables. All opinions are 100% mine.

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I am starting a patio garden for salad and herb ingredients this spring. I usually try to grow a small variety of herbs year round for cooking, but this spring I plan to expand my patio garden to include more herbs and a variety of salad ingredients. I don’t have much experience or success with gardening, and that very hard, orange Georgia clay out in my yard has me retreating to the screened porch for most of my gardening. Since I am a novice gardener, I went with something that is supposed to be fail proof – the brand new Gro-ables from Miracle Gro. They are pre-packaged seed pods that make it incredibly easy to grown your own herbs and veggies from seed.

Patio Salad and Herb Gardenn Update

I am using containers in a variety of shapes and sizes to grow my vegetables. Several long, rectangular shaped planters are being used for my lettuces and a couple of my herbs. The remaining plants will be grown in round pots that I can more easily stack up onto place onto holders.

Patio Salad and Herb Garden Update

Per the Gro-ables package instructions, I removed the lid from the seed pod and pushed the seed pod into loosened soil, until the seed pod top was even the soil surface. It’s not even necessary to cover the top of the pod with soil. The pod contains a blend of mulch, seed and fertilizer. Afterwards, I thoroughly watered them and placed in a sunny spot on the porch.

Patio Salad and Herb Garden Update

There have been a couple of minor challenges already with my new garden. Some unexpected arctic air swooped down last week and gave us freezing temperatures for a few days. This set the rest of my gardening plans on hold. I hope to get everything else planted this week, and hope that we have seen the last of the cold temps.

The other challenge involves this little guy. 

Patio Salad and Herb Garden Update

He seems to like eating seeds. A LOT. After the first time I caught him with a face full of dirt, I covered the pods with a thin layer of dirt. It hasn’t deterred him very much, so Winston has been banned from the screened porch.

Patio Herb Garden Update

Yes… we’re talking about you. BAD dog!

think that Gro-ables are the perfect way to try something new and grow something for the first time. After all, they are guaranteed to grow, when used as directed. I have some more plantings to do this week, and I have a feeling that my Gro-ables are going to begin to sprout any day – despite a couple of small setbacks. Stay tuned for another patio garden update within the next couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to feeding my family home grown salads with a fresh herb vinaigrette in the coming weeks!

I love how simple it has been to get my garden started with the Gro-ables seed pods. Learn more about Gro-ables from Miracle Gro from the video shown above.

Have you begun your spring garden yet? Any tips to pass along?

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