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Back to School Fitness Plan with Reebok at Famous Footwear

Back to School Fitness Plan with Reebok at Famous Footwear

Back to School Fitness Plan - Reebok at Famous Footwear

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Reebok. I received a Famous Footwear gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok shoes to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating.

The new school year is a great time to start new healthy habits. For many moms, the kids returning to school frees up a little time during the day. It’s a time of the year when our schedules are changing, making it the perfect opportunity to work in some exercise. Your morning routine includes feeding the kids breakfast and packing lunches, so don’t forget to start your own day with a healthy breakfast. That morning cup of coffee just isn’t enough anymore, something I know all too well. To start the new school year off right, I participated in a program with Reebok and Famous Footwear. I was able to get a great pair of new Reebok walking shoes to help me meet my new health and fitness goals. In addition to the new shoes, I also have a plan of action in place. This fall is going to be an opportunity for me to start getting healthy, and I hope that you will join me.

Back to School Fitness Plan - Reebok at Famous Footwear

Back to School Fitness Plan of Action

1. Stop making excuses. I am the Queen of excuses when it comes to exercise and eating right. I didn’t sleep well last night or I have cramps or I don’t have the right shoes or I didn’t have time for breakfast. These are all excuses that many of us are familiar with. I plan to stop making excuses and will have cereal bars stashed away in my bag for the busiest of mornings. I’ll always have a pair of socks and my new Reebok walking shoes ready for use.

2. Setting goals. I don’t know about you, but I accomplish very little if I don’t set goals and make lists for myself. Since I am horribly out of shape, I will start out with small goals like taking the dogs for an extra long walk each day and work on toning my arms with some 3 pound free weights. I’ll do some simple yoga and stretching each afternoon, for a boost of energy.

3. Start early. Putting off something like exercise until later in the day puts you at risk of not doing it at all. It’s still warm in August, so take advantage of the cooler morning hours to go for a walk around the neighborhood or at the school track. I find I am most productive in the mornings and get most of my work done before noon, so I’ll probably start waking up 30 minutes early each day for exercise. That way I won’t cut into my work productivity at all.

4. Have a back up plan. There will always be obstacles in the path to health and fitness. I am going to pick up a few low-impact workout DVDs for those days that weather does not permit me to go for a walk outside.

5. Staying accountable. Involving friends and family in your fitness plan is a great way to get motivation and stay accountable. I’ll be walking with my mom, Laura, and my sister-in-law on her days off. This way we can give encouragement and be each other cheerleaders.

6. Have the right pair of shoes. Wearing the right pair of shoes while exercising is very important. The right pair of shoes can prevent injury, and will provide enough comfort for you to be able to exercise yet another day. I have a problem with being flat footed, so it’s a must for me to wear shoes that are designed for walking and provide the proper support for my feet.

Reebok at Famous Footwear

I shop often at Famous Footwear, and even on their web site. They have a great selection of Reebok shoes for the entire family. To start my back to school fitness plan off right, I selected up a pair of Sublite TR training shoes by Reebok from I was so excited when they arrived. They not only look great, but they feel great on my feet – even after a long walk. I absolutely love the style of my new Reebok shoes. They’ll look great with my workout clothes, and are nice enough to wear while running errands.

Shopping online is something I do a lot, but when it comes to clothing and shoes I always worry about fit. I ordered my Reebok shoes in my normal size, and they fit perfectly. I have an average width foot and they feel like they could easily and comfortably be adjusted for someone with a more narrow or wider foot.

The price of these shoes simply cannot be beat. Not only were my Reebok shoes on sale, but right now Famous Footwear has a back to school buy one get one offer running. I was able to get a second pair of shoes for my Mom.

What are your back to school fitness plans?

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