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Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode Makes Your Phone More Child Friendly #SprintMom

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode Makes Your Phone More Child Friendly #SprintMom

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

Whether you are handing your smartphone to your child in the grocery store to keep him or her occupied or letting them use it to play games, chances are at some point your smartphone is going to be in the hands of your child. As a Sprint Mom Ambassador I have a unique opportunity to try out different devices and service throughout the year, and am excited to share how the Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode makes your phone child friendly and safer for parents.

Smartphones aren’t toys at all, but I have personally been guilty in the past of handing my phone over to my son to keep him occupied when I was busy. The danger in doing that is having files accidentally deleted or your settings changed to some weird state.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

To activate the Kids Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 you will need to install the app. The Kids Mode widget can be found either on your home screen, in widgets, or in the app drawer. It is a rather large file, so I recommend you install it over wifi. After you install the app, you will be asked to setup a PIN. This PIN is for managing the Kids Mode app only. You will use the PIN to access the Kids Mode Menu and to exit Kids Mode. Don’t worry about forgetting the pin. You can set a backup password as well. You will also need to set a child profile with name and birth date.

There are 5 pre-loaded apps for kids in Samsung Kids Mode: a camera app, a drawing app, a karaoke app, a picture gallery app, and a video playback app. If you think your child will get tired of playing with these 5 apps, you can choose additional apps for their child to use. You can just go into the settings and select which apps you want them to have access to – pick any app or game and it’s instantly added to the Kids Mode menu page.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

There are a variety of parental controls available through Samsung Kids Mode. You can set a daily playtime limit which I think is great, and select which applications and media to allow them access to. Samsung Kids Mode is geared for children ages 10 and under.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is currently available from Sprint. The Kids Mode makes it a very appealing purchase. By the way, I love this phone! (Review coming soon!)

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode? Is this something you would use?

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  • I am fairly certain my sister just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S5. I will have to share this information with her, especially since she allows my nephew and my own children to play on her phone.

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