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Saturday Featured Blog: Growing Up Gardner

Saturday Featured Blog: Growing Up Gardner

This week we are featuring Amanda and her lovely blog Growing Up Gardner.

Growing Up Gardner

Amanda said, “My blog is a collaboration of posts about my family, DIY, recipes,
decorating and homeschooling. I hope to inspire other women in my posts all the while capturing memories of this incredible time in my life.”

Amanda answered the following five questions, so that we can get to know her a little better:

Question – What is your favorite topic to share on your blog?

Answer – Sharing the joys of raising a daughter and son is my favorite topic to write about. I’ve been documenting all of Noah’s milestones monthly since his birth in February. And each week I share a bit of what Noelle is learning in “preschool” which I am teaching her at home. I love writing about their achievements, struggles, and lessons learned. I know their childhood won’t last long so I try to savor each memory and capture it in my posts to look back and reflect on. 

Question – Favorite amusement park ride?

Answer – I’m not a roller coaster kind of girl. That sinking feeling you get in your stomach terrifies me. But I’ve always had a great time on Indiana Jones at Disneyland. The pops of air that are “darts” flying overhead make me duck every time!

Question – Best family vacation?

Answer – Our favorite vacation spot is San Diego. Sun, sandy beaches, rolled tacos and great shopping. 
When we’re there we also like to go to Sea World. My daughter loves the Sesame Street Bay of Play. I was pregnant with Noah the last time we were able to go and I can say that the pickles on a stick are outstanding!

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Question – Favorite online shop?

Answer – Craigslist is my weakness. My husband will find me on my Craigslist app and ask what I’m looking for. I most always respond with, “I’ll know it when I see it.” It’s such a thrill to find a piece that only needs a little love to make it amazing. A few things I’ve transformed are a desk for my daughter’s room, a glider, picture frames, and a side table.

Question – What is the best meal you have had at a restaurant?

Answer – This may surprise you considering the amusement park answer, but I was a flight attendant for several years and had the opportunity to fly all over our wonderful country. During an overnight in Kentucky I had my very first Hot Brown Sandwich. I try to recreate it every Thanksgiving with left-over turkey but I haven’t found a recipe that’s quite like the one I had there. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant. My mouth waters just thinking about it!

Growing Up Gardner is a blog that I really enjoy reading. I hope you will head over there and let her know About A Mom sent you.

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