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How to Secure a Happy and Worry Free Retirement

How to Secure a Happy and Worry Free Retirement

How to Secure a Happy and Worry Free Retirement at About A Mom

How to Secure a Happy and Worry Free Retirement at About A Mom

I think most of us want the same things in retirement – happiness and financial security. My greatest joy in retirement is having more time with my grandchildren. When I was younger, I would have said that my retirement dream included living in a high rise on the beach, but in reality I am perfectly happy living a comfortable lifestyle and visiting the beach with my grandchildren a few times a year.

Here’s a glimpse of what my retirement years have been looking like. Having the money to make a trip to the beach with grandkids and dogs makes me happy.

How to Secure a Happy and Worry Free Retirement

Retirement looks a little different to each of us, but being financially secure is something we all can agree upon. Figuring out how much money you need for your worry free retirement can be tricky.

Currently, I am in what you might call a hybrid retirement state. I retired from my fulltime medical profession a couple of years ago, and am supplementing my retirement part time through blogging and some freelance writing work. This semi-employment status gives me both the time and financial freedom needed to do what I want.

I’m so excited to share a book, DVD, and public television special with you that can help you secure a happy and worry free retirement for yourself.

Don’t Worry, Retire Happy.

However you define retirement, you will benefit from watching the Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™ TV special on your Public Television station. The television special by author and retirement expert, Tom Hegna, offers advice to help you confidently plan to spend retirement years happy and worry free. During the Public Television special, Tom Hegna, shares 7 Steps to Retirement Security that takes the worry and uncertainty out of retirement planning. Mr. Hegna discusses everything from retirement income planning to maximizing Social Security benefits, using home equity wisely, and much more.

Don't Worry, Retire Happy

There is even more you can learn from reading Tom Hegna’s most recent book titled Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! SevenSteps to Retirement Security. Whether you are nearing retirement age or just entering the workforce, Tom Hegna gives sound advice that will help you spend your golden years happy and worry free.

Check your local listings to find out when Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™ is airing next. You can even support and pledge to your local Public Television station to receive a copy of the DVD or DVD + Book. Watch a one minute trailer now!

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What does your worry free, happy retirement dream look like? The Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™ program and book can help make that dream a reality.

This blog post on “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy™”: The 7 Steps to Retirement Security”, is sponsored by State Farm®. I accepted the opportunity to participate and want my readers to know that the opinions and statements expressed in this post are completely my own.

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