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Simple Homemade Valentines for Kids with Free Printables

Simple Homemade Valentines for Kids with Free Printables

While there is nothing wrong with a store bought Valentine, I absolutely love homemade ones. I have such fond memories of doing crafts with my mom as a child, and then again with my son when he was a young boy.  These simple homemade Valentines for kids that I have made are a great project to do with your children. Just use the free printables I have made, along with clear plastic treat bags from the craft store.

Homemade Valentines for Kids

What kid doesn’t love Pop Rocks? This printable uses a fun play on words “You ‘Rock’ Valentine!”, and can be cut out and stapled right onto the Pop Rocks package. Get the printable here.

This next Valentine uses inexpensive bouncy balls. I picked up a bag of 15 at the dollar store. Simply place 1 or 2 balls in a clear plastic treat bag, and slightly fold down the top of the bag. Fold over the printable, place onto the bag, and staple into place. This is such a great alternative to candy treats! Get the printable for this project here.

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These are simple and inexpensive enough to make homemade Valentines this year! Do you think your kids will like them? If you enjoyed this project, please check out these Goldfish Crackers Valentines and homemade Valentines using bear crackers.

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