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Slow Cooker Sunday Dinners

Slow Cooker Sunday Dinners

Slow Cooker Sunday Dinners

This Slow Cooker Sunday Dinners Collection is sponsored by our partner As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

For many Sunday is a day of family, and rest from the busy work week. It is also a day of worship for many people. Here in the South, Sunday supper is kind of a big deal. When I was a kid, Sunday pot roast was a weekly tradition. My mother had mastered the art of preparing a pot roast in the oven. After having a family of my own, I continued the Sunday pot roast tradition – only I discovered the beauty of cooking it in the slow cooker.

How nice it is to toss the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, head off to church, and come home to the wonderful aroma of a meal that had practically prepared itself. For many years, a pot roast is the only thing I cooked in the slow cooker. It wasn’t until more recently that I discovered the variety of foods that can be prepared via the slow cooker, so my tradition has evolved to one of Slow Cooker Sunday Dinners with the occasional pot roast.

Click through the slideshow above to uncover 16 flavorful recipes!

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All of the recipes in my Foodie Collection are impressive enough to serve to Sunday guests, but without a lot of fuss. Isn’t it nice when you can actually spend time visiting with your guests, instead of standing over the stove? That’s the beauty of slow cooker cooking, and casseroles too – but that’s a future recipe collection.

Which recipe from my Slow Cooker Sunday Dinners collection looks good to you?

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