Snacking After Dark #greatstarts

Snacking After Dark

I have a family of snackers, especially at night. I don’t know what it is about bedtime that suddenly makes children think they are starving to death. I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the old “I’m hungry” and “I need a drink of water” bedtime stalling ploys. It never fails that one of my grandchildren is hungry at bedtime. Most likely it’s an avoidance tactic, but I would not feel right sending anyone to bed on an empty stomach. So, having a bowl of cereal at night has become part of my family’s normal bedtime routine.

Snacking After Dark

If you have a a child with the gift of avoidance, bedtime might look something like this… shower and pajamas, homework and backpack check, brush teeth, story time, late night snack, brush teeth again, drink of water, go potty, go to bed, another drink of water, potty again, and finally lights out.

Sound familiar?

When it comes to snacking after dark, sugary snacks are off limits at my house, so a bowl of cereal is a good and quick option for us. Plus, people tend to fall asleep better with a full stomach.

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Does your family snack after dark?

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