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Spring Cleaning for your Dog

Spring Cleaning for your Dog

Spring Cleaning for your Pets

Spring Cleaning for your Pets

Springtime is here, and many of us have that urge to open the windows, tidy up, and start some projects around the house. Is some serious house cleaning on your to-do list? Spring cleaning requires a few extra steps if you are a dog owner. I’m excited to partner with Petco to share some tips for spring cleaning for your dog. A lot of these spring cleaning tips will work for you cat parents too!

Spring Cleaning for your Pets

Get a checkup and stay healthy. The warmer weather brings with it fleas and tics. Now is the perfect time to visit your Vet, and make sure you have a good supply of flea and tick preventative. Go ahead make sure your pet is current on vaccines, and stock up on a heart worm medication too. I also recommend assembling a basic first aid kit for your pet, if you don’t have one already.

Bath time. April showers bring May flowers, and muddy paw prints too. The warm weather probably has your dog eager spend more time outdoors. Now is the perfect time to schedule a grooming at Petco, and stock up on shampoo. Also, take your dog outside for a good brushing.

Spring Cleaning for your Dog

Wash and replace bedding. Most pet beds have removable covers. Now is the perfect time to wash your pets bedding. Even better, buy your dog a new bed. Petco sent us an awesome new dog bed this week, and just in time too. My son, Sid, came to visit over the weekend and brought his dog Jack with him. The extra bed came in very handy. Fionna didn’t mind sharing… so much.

Go through the toy box. My pups have accumulated so many toys. I recommend going through your pet’s toy basket, when you’re doing your spring cleaning. Discard any toys that have rips or tears, and pick out a few to donate to your local shelter. Be sure to wash them.

Spring Cleaning for your Dog

Wash and replace food and water bowls. No matter how thoroughly your dog licks the food dish, it’s not clean without a good washing with soap and hot water or a run through the dishwasher. It might even be time for new food and water bowls. Petco sent us a fantastic new food dish, with a removable stainless steel insert for easy cleaning. It even has a non-skid bottom, so it stays in place while your dog is eating. My dog, Winston, appreciates that!

Now is also a good time to clean the doggie dining area. If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend a washable placemat like the one Petco sent us. It makes it easy to clean up spills, and helps keep your dogs dining area clean. My pups are such messy eaters! How about yours?

Spring Cleaning for your Dog

Go through the pet pantry. Pet foods and treats have expiration dates, just like human food. Go through and discard any food, treats or medications that are expired.

Clean floors and upholstery. A long time ago, I gave up on keeping the dogs off of the furniture. Spring is a great time to get the floors and upholstery professionally cleaned.

Replace collars and leashes. A stinky collar can ruin the pleasures of a freshly bathed dog. I like to replace Winston and Fionna’s collars and leashes each spring. If you prefer, you can clean collars and leashes with some warm water and dog shampoo.

Clean crates and carriers. Spring is the perfect time to get crates and carriers sparkling. Wash with warm soapy water and/or a mild disinfectant.

Do you have any pet-centric spring cleaning tips? I’d love to hear from you!

Be sure to visit me (aka GeorgiaGirl) in the Petco Community. It’s FREE to join and such a great resource and place to chat for pet owners.

(This giveaway has now ended. Congratulations to our winner Kelly W.)

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  • When my elderly cousin passed away in January we adopted her 8 year old dog. We had to do some early spring cleaning for her and replace all of bedding and stuff but now that it is really spring she will be getting a lovely bath and some new toys and collar.

  • We work hard to keep our dog room clean. We wash out their food and water dishes often. We take out their bedding once a week. Our dogs would love some new summer toys.

  • I keep up with a clean pet environment year round. I have a spoiled little Westie who is always wanting something new and exciting to play with.

  • My tip is more for grooming than cleaning but when the weather warms up, animals start to shed more to get their summer coat so make sure to brush out their fur regularly during the spring and summer months.

    I forget to brush my cats sometimes and then they start hacking up hairballs all over the place.

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