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Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

As a former military spouse, I feel somewhat like an expert on the topic of moving. I have moved countless times, and lived in seven different states. Things don’t always go as planned when you move across the country, with little to no notice. Even the most well thought out move can end in disaster. The perfect house isn’t always available and temporary accommodations have to be made. There is nothing worse than unpacking all of your stuff, only to pack it all up again a month later. I would much prefer to live out of a suitcase for a month and put my belongings into a self storage facility.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to thoroughly label your boxes and pack according to your needs. Have the essentials labeled as such and don’t pack the items you can’t live without in the same box as those jeans you keep hoping to fit into, when you lose another 10 pounds.

Uncle Bob’s Self Storage offers a variety of services and storage solutions to make your move easier such as: moving boxes, truck rental, vehicle storage, self storage, and more. You can rent climate controlled and dri-guard humidity controlled storage rooms to protect your valuable possessions. Before you make the next big move, check out the services self storage specials from Uncle Bobs.

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