Sugar Free Treats: Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy

Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy

I was recently told (scolded by my doctor actually) to cut down on my sugar. It’s difficult when you are my age ‘old’ and get that kind of a slap on the wrist. You know the saying – “Old habits die hard” and my sugar habit was going to be a tough one to kick. I’m the girl who occasionally craves gummy worms and keeps a rather large candy jar on her desk, loaded up with an assortment of hard candies – often to include Werther’s Originals.

Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy

Many thanks to the folks at Werther’s who sent me a fabulous assortment of Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy to try. These people really seem to know the way to a girls heart.

I’ve tried various sugar free candies over the years, but never really stuck with sugar free. There was just something artificial about the taste. I am thrilled beyond thrilled over the Werther’s sugar free candies that I received. I received the following flavors:

Caramel Cinnamon
Caramel Coffee
Classic Caramel
Caramel Apple

It truly is a wonderful thing that I can now enjoy a sweet, satisfying moment without the sugar. Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy is 100% caramel satisfaction with 0% sugar. Each caramel has 3 grams of carbs and only 8 calories – 40 fewer calories than Werther’s Original caramels.

Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy

I’ve never been one of those people with the patience to actually suck on a piece of candy for long, and am not a fan of the wrapped candy that is so hard you have to worry about chipping a tooth. One of the things I love about Werther’s is that they are hard candies, without being too hard.

Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy

This is a peek inside the candy jar that sits on my desk. Don’t you want to reach in and grab one?

Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy

I have to say that I have enjoyed all four varieties of candy that I receive, but the original Classic Caramel is still my favorite. Have you tried Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candy yet? Visit Werther’s Original Sugar Free on Facebook for more information about this candy.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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