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The Benefits of Online Banking

The Benefits of Online Banking

Convenience is very important to me. I have a hectic life and taking advantage of things like online banking has really helped me to manage my time and keep better track of my bills and finances. I remember the days of trying to keep track of checks, withdrawals and debit transactions on my paper register. I was not very good at it. I would rush through the check out or stick the receipt in my purse, noting to self that I would get to it later. Unfortunately, I did not always remember and found myself confused at the end of the month when reconciling my accounts.

There are several ways that online banking helps me to manage my life more efficiently.

Convenience. Rather than having to go inside the bank or drive-thru during business hours, I can sign on to see my account at any time. Once online, I can see my deposits, withdrawals and balance. It’s also much easier to keep track of fees like ATM charges. Having this constant visibility keeps me from overdrawing my account or incurring overdraft charges.

Online bill pay. This is big one for me. I have had some not so good experiences with the postal service recently. Online bill pay gives me instant confirmation that my payment has been made. There is no longer a reason for me to buy stamps, lick envelopes or wait for bills to be received through the mail. Paying my bills online really saves me time and gives me the security I need.

Investment management. Many banks offer up-to-date stock market information. They also give the ability to manage investments online.

There are some other advantages to online banking. I like to order my checks online, saving me a phone call or a trip to the local branch. I have even been able to apply for my auto loan and credit card online. I also love the convenience of managing my finances right from my smart phone.

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There are a lot of great banks out there that offer online banking. Aurora is one such bank that offers online banking services, in addition to its local offices.

I understand that some people may be hesitant to manage their bank accounts online. I know it took some convincing to get my mom to sign up for online banking. Fortunately, if you have any questions about a specific bank or the safety of managing your finances online, there are government regulatory agencies available to answer your questions. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) oversees national banks. Also, each state has its own agency to oversee state-chartered banks and other financial institutions conducting business in the state.

If you are not already taking advantage of online banking services, you may want to consider some of the benefits I have mentioned.

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