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The Best Advice I Ever Got :: Change the Cycle Campaign

The Best Advice I Ever Got :: Change the Cycle Campaign

Change the Cycle : The Best Advice I Ever Got

What is the best advice I ever got? I really struggled with this writing prompt. Not because I haven’t received empowering and encouraging advice from both my parents throughout the years, but because the advice that has had the most impact for me is very personal.

The best advice I ever got came from my friend therapist, after many months of talking together. It’s funny how the simplest of advice can have the most impact. She told me that I had a choice – a choice to choose to not be a victim and a choice to be happy. She said to stop worrying about things that I didn’t have any control over, and instead focus on how I react to those things. It might seem like a simple or obvious thing to some, but when an event happens that leaves you feeling unsure or afraid – it’s not so obvious or easy. Although the random act that changed my life happened as an adult, I was still deeply impacted. I was spinning my wheels and worrying about something that I didn’t have any control over.  Once I realized I was putting my energy into the wrong thing, it was such a release. I no longer dwell on the bad or the past, and make the choice on a daily basis to be happy… live my life to it’s fullest… be successful… make a difference… smile… laugh… and love my family.

The Best Advice I Ever Got :: Change the Cycle Campaign

Although I may not have control over some things that happen in this world, it’s empowering to know that I have a choice in how I react. I can either let it take me down, or I can choose to overcome it and make the best of a bad situation.

She said I have the power to choice how I react to the things I cannot control.

It would be easy for me to play the blame game, and stay hidden away in my shell. Choosing to not be a victim and choosing to be happy helps me to succeed. I will forever appreciate my therapist, Jean, who shared the most simple of words with me – yet changed my life in such a remarkable way.

There are many people who have given me great advice throughout the years. I try to be like a sponge and soak in all the experience and knowledge that others have acquired and learned. I am fortunate in that I have wonderful girlfriends who don’t mind sharing advice and talking about the tough subjects. I think it’s important that women share experiences and give advice to each other, and that’s why I am excited about the “Change the Cycle” Campaign by NovaSure.

Change the Cycle : The Best Advice I Ever Got

Wise Woman Contest

Change the Cycle is a community where women who suffer from heavy periods can share their stories and learn about solutions. They have launched a new Change the Cycle Facebook page, and during the month of April they will be running a Wise Woman Contest asking women to share the best advice they ever received. The grand prize is a spa weekend getaway for two to Sedona, AZ followed by 10 runner-up prizes of $100. I encourage you to like Change the Cycle on Facebook to be a part of the conversation, and share the best advice you ever got. Whether it’s a parent who told you to aim high or a boss who helped you move up in the company, share your story. Maybe you’ll win!

What is the best advice you ever got – was it from a parent, boss, teacher, or friend?

This post is sponsored. However, all thoughts are completely my own.

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