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The Force Glove Blends Science and Fun for Kids

The Force Glove Blends Science and Fun for Kids

Feel the power of the force with The Force Glove from Uncle Milton’s Star Wars science line. The Force Glove blends science and fun for kids, giving both kids and moms what they want in a toy. Children can learn about the power of magnetism with this cool Jedi glove that comes equipped with a powerful magnet and moveable targets.

The Force Glove

The Force Push
To move something away, an ability called Force Push is used. This power can be used to push opponents away from you, or can be used to move or throw objects. The Force Glove comes with a great science lesson on magnetic force, along with a pamplet explaining polarity and much more. Having the force means that an item can attract or repel iron. Although the actual force is invisible, you can see it in action with the moving targets.

Did you know that the earth is like a magnet?

The earth’s core is made up of iron in solid and liquid form and the electric currents that run through it help create a magnetic field. The field has a magnetic north and south pole. But, did you know that sometimes the magnetic south pole is actually in the geographic North Pole?

Whether or not your child is a Star Wars fan they will really enjoy The Force Glove. In the Star Wars galaxy, the Force is a mystical energy that surrounds all living things and connects them to the universe itself. Wearing The Force Glove, kids can pretend they are part of the Jedi Order and use this glove to control the Force! Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Maddie thinks The Force Glove is pretty neat and is amazed that she can move the targets without even touching them. Depending on which way the magnet in the glove is facing, she can either pull the targets toward her or push them away.

Uncle Milton offers many wonderful learning toys that are both kid and mom approved. Visit Uncle Milton online to learn more about The Force Glove and other toys available in the Star Wars collection. Connect with Uncle Milton on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: Uncle Milton provided The Force Glove for us to review. All thoughts are my own.

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