The Idiots vs. The Dummies Challenge: Social Media Marketing

I recently got the opportunity to review and compare both, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Dummies. I have never read an Idiot’s Guide book before but have read a Dummies book on blogging, so I was eager to dive in and use these books to learn more about social media marketing. 
Going into this challenge, I thought I would be reading a lot of redundant information with both books focusing on the same social media marketing techniques. What I found though is that they are two very different books, with a whole different set of focuses.
The Complete Idiots Guide to Social Media Marketing
This book was more what you would expect from a book geared toward “idiots” and “dummies”. It is perfect for

beginners, covering in great detail the topics of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. It explains the benefits of each social media tool and provides step by step instructions on setting up each account. Once your account is set up, the Idiots Guide will help you make your profile more attractive. They provide the reader with a clear understanding of how each network works and can be used for marketing. This book is truly for beginners and I recommend it for anyone who has an interest in social media, not just for bloggers.

Social Media Marketing for Dummies
I found this book to be a bit more advanced than the Idiot’s Guide. While it does touch on the basics like setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts, it delves into topics like “Energizing Employees within Your Company for Social Influence” and “Building a SIM Mobile Campaign”. There were a lot of things covered that don’t really apply so much to a blogger or just someone wanting an online presence in social media. This book did have some good information to share, but seems more suited for someone with already a basic knowledge of social media marketing. 
The Challenge Winner
I think that both books are useful, depending on your level of experience. I choose The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Marketing as the better book for beginners. It covers all the basics and details you will need to get started with social media.   
You will find The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing and other Idiot’s Guide titles at  

I received copies of both books mentioned above to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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