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The Power of the Pen and How to Stand Out

The Power of the Pen and How to Stand Out

The Power of a Pen and a Handwritten Note

The Power of a Pen and a Handwritten Note

The next time you get ready to send an email or a text to a colleague or a client, consider writing a handwritten note instead, if you really want to stand out. Your email or text can so easily get lost in the shuffle. As a blogger and writer, I field hundreds of emails each day. I honestly don’t have time to give them all the attention they deserve and have probably missed out on some great opportunities and potential partnerships because of it. Considering my business associates are probably all int he same boat, I have realized the power of the pen and how to stand out by taking the time to send handwritten notes.

A handwritten thank you note goes a long way.

One communication that is almost always received and almost nobody is doing it is a handwritten note. Do you remember the last time you got a handwritten note from someone? It was pretty nice, wasn’t it? Everyone loves getting mail. This post sharing #WhyIWrite is written in partnership with uni-ball Inc. and Office Depot.

The Power of a Pen and a Handwritten Note

Everyone checks their mailbox, so your handwritten note is sure to stand in a sea of email. The power of the pen and a handwritten note isn’t utilized nearly enough. I have no doubt that some of my business relationships have grown stronger because I have taken the time to write a thank you note or sent a hand written holiday card.

A handwritten note is a great way to stand out from the competition.

I encourage you to pick up a pen after a project is complete or after conference call or a referral. Perhaps, you are active in the school PTA and would like to thank a committee chair or even your child’s teacher. Anytime you want to say thank you or stand out.

The Power of a Pen and a Handwritten Note

Thank you notes show that you truly care about the recipient and the business at hand. Are you ready to stand out and get noticed? Gather your note cards and stationary and a good writing pen such as the uni-ball® AIR™ or 307™ Gel Pens. You can find Uni Ball at Office Depot.

With the uni-ball® 307™ gel pen you’ll enjoy skip-free writing. This is a great option when writing on glossy paper. The vibrant gel ink makes a bold impression and offers three-way protection against water, fading and fraud. The textured grip makes it comfortable to hold.

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You can write smoothly at any angle with the uni-ball® AIR™ roller ball pen. This pen allows for smooth-flowing detailed writing. I like that this pen writes with a more bold ink to really get my point across. You’ll be glad to learn that the uni-ball® AIR™ features exclusive uni Super Ink™ for three-way protection against water, fading and fraud, making it perfect for all your writing needs.

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten note?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Uni Ball. The opinions and text are all mine.

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