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The Secret to a Fun Family Movie Night

The Secret to a Fun Family Movie Night

Pop Secret Movie Night

When you have a large family like mine going to the movie theater can be very costly, so we typically reserve theater visits for special occasions. By the time all the tickets and snacks are purchased, we’ve easily spent $100. Having a family movie night at home can be just as much fun, and saves me a bundle. The secret to a fun family movie night is quite simple really – it just has to include some of our favorite movie snacks like Pop Secret popcorn, boxes of movie theater candy, and our favorite pop.

Pop Secret Movie Night

Family Movie Night

Serve Yummy Snacks
To prepare for our family movie night, I set up the dining room table like a snack bar. I pop several bags of our favorite popcorn in the microwave and empty them into a large bowl. At our local discount store, I found some cute movie popcorn boxes that are just like the ones we get at the theater. I fill some of those up and place them on the table, along with the bowl of popcorn for easy re-fills. They keep us from all reaching into the popcorn bowl at once, and make cleanup a breeze.

Next, I set out a basket full of assorted movie theater candy. I can usually pick these up for just $1 per box, just a fraction of what they cost at the movie theater. Add to the table some bottles of our favorite pop, and we’re all set for the movie.

Pop Secret Movie Night

As you can see… my family isn’t shy about digging in!

Choose a Fun Movie
We stream movies from a couple of different subscription services, which always gives us a good selection to choose from. With 3 teenage grandchildren, we typically end up watching a comedy or something that has me jumping in suspense. I gave up on picking the movie long ago, and usually stay up with my daughter late at night to watch our favorite chick flicks. All that matters on family movie night is that the kids are having a good time, and we’re all getting some fun, quality time together.

Pop Secret Movie Night

As you can see from my granddaughter’s intense viewing, we watched a pretty good movie last night!

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At Pop Secret, we love movies as much as you love movies. So we’re on a mission to make movie watching and popcorn even more social and fun. We’re sharing a bunch of apps, tools, and fun partnerships with everyone over at our hub, Pop Secret Labs. Keep checking back to try ‘em all out and give us feedback. The more you get involved, the better all of our movie experiences will be. See you there!

Try Pop Secret popcorn “the secret to movie night” at your next movie night!

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