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The Walking Company: New Spring Sandals from ABEO

The Walking Company: New Spring Sandals from ABEO

The ABEO shoes line of revolutionary B.I.O. system footwear is found exclusively at The Walking Company. The biomechanical footwear infuses advanced technology into classic shoes. Even your favorite Spring sandals can have the latest in footwear technology!

ABEO shoes review featuring spring sandals by ABEO

Mom (Laura) and I each received a pair of ABEO Spring sandals to review. I already own a pair of shoes from ABEO that are worn more than any other shoes I own. So I am thrilled to now have a pair of sandals that give me the same comfort and support as my ABEO Smart Mary Janes.

ABEO shoes review featuring spring sandals by ABEO

Have you been in one of The Walking Company stores? The employees at The Walking Company are super educated about their footwear. They will give you a complimentary digital foot analysis that let’s you know exactly what type of support and shoe your foot needs. It’s pretty neat. I learned that the ABEO B.I.O. system shoe is exactly what I need. It supports your feet, aligns your body, balances weight distribution, increases stability, and reduces foot fatigue and stress on your joints. They are even endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

The Walking Company sent me the ABEO Miramar sandal in the color black to review. They are unlike any other sandals that I own. Not only are they very fashionable, but they provide much more support than other sandals I have worn. My Miramar sandal has a full grain leather upper with beautiful woven leather and hardware detailing. It has a suede lined footbed that will prevent blisters by wicking moisture away from the foot. The cork insole is not only light weight, but is long lasting. These sandals are really cute. The combination of details makes them a dressier sandal.

ABEO shoes review featuring spring sandals by ABEO

I know you are supposed to gradually break a shoe in. But since I already know how comfortable ABEO shoes are, I went ahead and wore them for the first time on an all day shopping trip. My feet felt fantastic, and not tired at all. I have worn my Miramar sandals a lot over the last few weeks and can tell you that the comfort and support is consistent. Based on the quality of products used and the design, I imagine these to be very long lasting shoes for me.

My mom is the flip-flop queen. She wears flip-flops almost year round. Unfortunately, they give absolutely no support. We were so glad that The Walking Company sent us the ABEO Balboa sandal in the color chocolate. The ABEO Balboa thong sandal gives mom the design that she loves, with the support and comfort that she’s been missing. These sandals are built using the same biomechanical technology as the Miramar sandal. They have a non-skid and slip resistant bottom that is so important for mom. A must for warm weather shoes, they have a water-resistant and a nubuck leather and lycra upper. These shoes also carry the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. The ABEO Balboa thong sandal gives mom the support and stability she has been missing in her other footwear. I’m so glad that she really likes them and has been wearing them practically non-stop.

ABEO shoes review featuring spring sandals by ABEO

If you are not familiar with the ABEO shoes from The Walking Company, I encourage you to visit one of their retail stores or visit them online. The new Spring shoes are fantastic! If you’re stopping by one of their stores, I encourage you to take advantage of the complimentary digital foot analysis and discuss your best options with a comfort consultant.

Disclosure: The items mentioned above were provided for our review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts are our own.

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  • I tried these sandals for the first time this year and love them!!! I just wish they had more than one style in the bio mech for FALL!!! I just think these fit better than any other shoe. The orthotic that is supposed to go in any of your fall shoes just isn’t the same!!!

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