Tips for the Aspiring Mompreneur and Get Business Growing Sweepstakes


Are you an aspiring Mompreneur who dreams of working from home?  Starting a business and being a mom are hard enough individually, so getting your home business started can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to know where to focus your limited time and energy.  We’ve got some great tips and services to help get your new business off to a great start!

Conquer your fear. Having fears and doubts is normal for aspiring mompreneurs. Do you know that you have a great product or a skill that will be useful to others? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Pitch your idea to friends, family members and colleagues. Sign up for a local bazaar or place an online ad offering your services.

Be realistic. As moms we often try to do it all. It’s very easy to lose sight of what you as one person can realistically accomplish in one day. Don’t get down over small setbacks and look to friends and family members to help you achieve your goals.

Establish a dedicated work space. Carving out a dedicated work space will help you to stay organized and better manage your time. Whether it’s a home office or the end of your dining room table, a dedicated work space will make it easier for you to find what you need fast and be more productive.

Spread the word. Social media is a valuable tool for mompreneurs. Get your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and other social media accounts set up from the beginning. Contact local meet up groups whose members might be interested in your goods or services. Create some business cards to share with local businesses and potential customers. Don’t forget to enlist your friends and family members to help you spread the word.

Look into smart business tools and services. If you’re taking your product or business on the road, you might be interested in GoPayment, a mobile credit card reader that allows small business the option to process payments on-the-go. Here’s a video showing how 2 sisters in NYC that have a doggie grooming service set up shop for a day in Manhattan’s Madison Square Park and used GoPayment to take credit card payments.

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Do you need a little help funding your new venture?

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