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2021 Top Products for Dogs and Dog Lovers + Giveaway

2021 Top Products for Dogs and Dog Lovers + Giveaway

Best for Pet 2021! See this year's top products for dogs and dog lovers.

When it comes to buying the best for our pets, it can easily become overwhelming and I think this is especially the case for dog owners. The pet industry is huge. It is easy to get caught up in buying dog gear and cute little chotskies that appeal to the dog lover in you. I have personally spent a small fortune on dog related purchases over the years. How do you know which dog products are best for your pup? If you’ve found yourself wondering this, you’re in luck. I have some top products for dogs and dog lovers to share with you today. I also have some exciting news. We had puppies! I’m sharing our new puppies on the blog for the very first time… just wait till you see how cute they are! I’m so in love.

Top Products for Dogs

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx who recently sent me a PAW-some and carefully curated Best for Pet box of goodies to try out. It includes some of the top products for dogs of 2021, as well as some treats for dog lovers.

Best for Pet 2021! See this year's top products for dogs and dog lovers.

Dog Toys from Multipet

For dogs, toys are not a luxury, but a necessity. Toys fight boredom and can provide comfort to dogs that are feeling nervous. Toys keep dogs active, engaged and happy.

top toys for dogs

We are kicking off the 2021 Top Products for Dogs list with toys from Multipet. Multipet is an award-winning designer and supplier of pet products throughout the world. Dog toys by Multipet are tested for safety, durability, and a tail wag of approval. My dogs have really enjoyed playing with Multipet’s Standing Lamb Chop® and Peas in a Pod toys. Both Bubbles and Mr. Sprinkles are obsessed with toys that squeak and enjoy toys they can cuddle with.

dog toys

The Lamb Chop toy is currently Mr. Sprinkles’ favorite plaything. If you are old enough to remember, you’ll notice that It looks just like Shari Lewis’ classic and beloved lamb hand puppet. This plush dog toy is super soft so Mr. Sprinkles likes taking it into his crate at night for cuddling. Its squeaker makes it fun for playtime so he enjoys this toy both day and night. He is obsessed with his new Lamb Chop toy and carries it all over the house which is quite amusing since it is almost as long as he is.

dogs playing with toys

Peas in a Pod is the perfect 4-in-1 squeak toy for your pet! This adorable pod Is made of a soft latex material that includes three colorful latex squeaky balls nestled inside a squeaking pea pod. My dogs enjoy pulling and nudging the peas from the pod and then they go nuts making them squeak. The squeakers stimulate play and each pea is a separate squeaker making three times the fun! This toy is great for playing fetch with your pup and encourages exercise and interaction. It is designed for dogs of all sizes. Even my small dogs have no problem making the latex balls squeak.

Multipet toys can be purchased at one of your local retailers. For more information about Multipet products, check them out online at:

Be sure to enter the Multipet Toys Giveaway at the bottom of this post for a chance to win an assortment of 3 Multipet toys for your dog!

dog toys

EASE Joint and Hip Chews and RELAX Calming Chews from Green Gruff

Green Gruff was created with the purpose of giving dogs a healthier and longer, happy life. Most store bought dog foods lack the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals dogs need to live their best lives and remain healthy and active. Green Gruff daily supplements are formulated with the best quality ingredients for maximum nutritional value. Green Gruff chews have 9 essential amino acids, more iron than spinach, and significantly more sustainable than beef. Green Gruff offers organic pet supplements for dogs that are all natural, with/without CBD. Either way, Green Gruff supplements are definitely worthy of our 2021 Top Products for Dogs list.

EASE Joint and Hip Chews – Green Gruff with CBD EASE Joint & Hip supplement is formulated with specific ingredients to target joint, hip, and connective tissue pain. In addition to the infused CBD, EASE contains ingredients such as Green Lipped Muscle, MSM, Turmeric, Eggshells, and Glucosamine. These ingredients can help reduce pain by boosting cartilage repair, reducing inflammation, enhancing joint lubrication, and aiding in tissue repair. Green Gruff with CBD supplements are scientifically proven and backed by research conducted by leading veterinarians in the industry. Like all supplements, EASE is best used daily and isn’t an immediate relief. I wish I had known about this product when my dog, Winston, was a senior. He suffered from joint pain during his latter years.

pet supplements

RELAX Calming Chews – Green Gruff with CBD RELAX Calming supplement is formulated with specific ingredients to help your dog overcome shaking, nervousness, and anxiety. These symptoms can be brought about by loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks or unfamiliar situations like large crowds. Smaller dogs like mine are particularly prone to anxiety and nervousness so I was glad to learn about these Dog Anxiety/Stress Chews.

In addition to the infused CBD, RELAX contains L-Theanine, Organic Ashwagandha Root, Valerian Root, and Organic Chamomile. These ingredients can support calming of the nervous system, promote relaxation, and boost the production of Dopamine, Seratonin, and Melatonin. Green Gruff with CBD supplements are scientifically proven and backed by research conducted by some of the leading veterinarians in the industry. Like all supplements, RELAX is best used daily and isn’t an immediate relief.

Both of these Green Gruff pet supplements can be taken together for more health benefits.

Special Offer: Get 30% off either RELAX or EASE (90-count) Green Gruff supplements through 8/15 using discount code: GGDD30

dog supplements

NutrientBoost™ from Solid Gold

Solid Gold is the pioneer in holistic and natural pet food, meeting every dog and cat’s unique nutritional needs, while remaining focused on delivering digestive health and overall wellbeing throughout every pet’s lifetime.

Solid Gold NutrientBoost™ is a premium line of delicious recipes powered by plasma to improve pet digestion and nutrient absorption. NutrientBoost™ Meal Topper for Dogs is designed to assist both dogs and cats with digestibility, immunity, and palatability.

NutrientBoost is proven to improve the digestibility of food in both dogs and cats, increasing their overall nutrient absorption and utilization. NutrientBoost is also packed full of minerals, amino acids, and antibodies which support the intestinal immune system against harmful bacteria while enhancing the body’s immune response to potential threats. NutrientBoost is powered by plasma, a highly palatable ingredient known to stimulate appetite and increase food consumption in both dogs and cats. It is easy to see why this made our top products for dogs list!

Visit for coupons.

nutritional supplement for dogs

Top Finds for Dog Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for a dog lover or want to treat yourself? Custom Pillows from Petsies and the book Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog): The Ultimate Guide for Every Dog Owner by Lara Shannon from Hardie Grant are perfect for all of the dog lovers in your life – including you!

custom pet pillow

Custom Pillows from Petsies

Petsies makes it easy to create a Huggable Pet Keepsake from Your Own Photos. Make a cuddly and affordable pillow of your pet that you can hug anywhere! Petsies custom pillows make the perfect gifts for pet lovers. The custom pillows come in a variety of pawsome designs, so you can personalize your pillow to match your style. There are two types of pillows to choose from. The pet pillows are shaped just like your beloved pet, while the custom photo pillows are stylish throw pillows featuring your pet, their name, and pet quotes! You can even upload your own design making them the perfect gifts for pet lovers!

gifts for dog lovers

The pet shaped pillows are so much fun! Once our puppies are older, I’m going to have pet shaped pillows made for each of our dogs.

Many of you probably know that I lost my beloved Bichon, Winston, last September. I had a “Forever in my Heart” pillow designed in his memory. Winston was always at my feet while I worked. I miss him so much. Having this pillow sitting on a chair in my office brings me so much comfort throughout the day. I’m so happy with how this custom pet pillow turned out and highly recommend this particular design as a gift for someone you know who has lost a pet.

custom dog gift

Special Offer: From July 12-July 31 get 15% off all custom pillows at using Promo Code: AboutAMom

Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog): The Ultimate Guide for Every Dog Owner

Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog): The Ultimate Guide for Every Dog Ownerby Lara Shannon from Hardie Grant is a must-read for all dog owners. In this go-to guide, author and dog trainer Lara Shannon shares her expertise on how to help your dog live their life to the fullest, covering everything from puppyhood until the end of life across three easy chapters: ‘Eat’, ‘Play’, ‘Love’.

The ‘Eat’ chapter includes DIY healthy dog food recipes, information on dog health and diets. The ‘Play’ chapter covers tips on dog training, behavior and lifestyle issues, as well as a section on dog tricks. And, finally, in the ‘Love’ chapter Lara talks about things to consider before getting a dog through to travelling with dogs, and options when your dog becomes ill or passes away.

If you have a dog (or want one) this is the book to read. In Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog), Lara will help you to understand why dogs do what they do, so you can enjoy a full and happy life together with your furry friend. I have been a dog owner for a lot of years, and I still learned a lot from this book. Eat, Play, Love (Your Dog) is available wherever books are sold – Amazon,, and your favorite indie bookstore.

book for dog owners

Meet Our Puppies!

I promised you puppies and here they are. Meet Sir Sparkles, Confetti and Cupcake! A few weeks ago my dogs, Bubbles and Mr. Sprinkles, became proud parents to three adorable Morkies which is a mixture of Yorkie and Maltese breeds.

new puppies

My family loves our dogs so much. We knew we wanted to have more than two dogs again and because of my allergies there are only a few dog breeds I can tolerate. We made the decision to let Bubbles and Mr. Sprinkles have one litter of pups. Bubbles delivered 3 beautiful, healthy puppies 3 ½ weeks ago. My daughter and I are of the mindset that we are keeping all 3 of them. Andy, on the other hand, would prefer to keep two of the puppies and give one to a friend. I’m already so attached to all of them! We have time to figure it all out. If we do give one to a friend, I want a written agreement that we’ll have regular play dates. Am I nuts?! Now that the cat is out of the bag, be ready for LOTS of puppy pics on the @aboutamom social media accounts.

puppy pile

Many thanks to Babbleboxx and all of the Best for Pet 2021 sponsors! Did you enjoy these top products for dogs and dog lovers? I’d love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!

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