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UNO Roboto Game | 25 Days of Christmas

UNO Roboto Game | 25 Days of Christmas

When I was a kid we had regular game nights and this tradition has been carried on with my own family. One of our favorites both then and now has been the card game UNO. Needless to say, I was very excited to have the opportunity to review the new UNO Roboto game by Mattel.  

This fun, modern version of the game UNO is both interactive and customizable. The game begins with each player recording their name, along with a “house rule”. The house rule can be any silly action you can come up with such as: barking like a dog or touching your nose with your tongue (a couple that we came up with). The robot randomly calls on players by name giving them surprise commands. It can be anything from picking up extra cards, touching a card to your nose, or switching cards with the player next to you. You have to hurry and obey the command or pick up 2 additional cards. The kids were cracking up each time the robot called out their name in its silly robot voice. It is also fun to hear the robot beep as you place the cards onto his head.    

This game really keeps you on your toes, since you never know when you will be called on for a turn or get “house rules” challenges. UNO Roboto is recommended for ages 7 and up, although I think a younger child could manage with a little assistance. It has been entertaining enough to hold the attention of our bunch ages 11 – 14, for hours on end.    
UNO Roboto can be purchased at most national retail chains. You can also order it directly from Amazon. This game makes for a wonderful holiday gift that the entire family will enjoy!
Disclosure: About A Mom received a product to review in exchange for our honest opinion. All thoughts are 100% our own.
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