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Ways to Celebrate Teachers

Ways to Celebrate Teachers

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As hectic as a new school year is for parents, just imagine how nerve wracking it must be for your children’s teachers. They have a whole classroom full of new students to get to know, not to mention new lesson plans and day to day grind of being a teacher. To help her kick off the new school year, we put together a Teacher Survival Kit for my friend Alicia who also happens to be my granddaughter’s math teacher this year. It was a simple and inexpensive project that would help her get through the first few weeks of school. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show teacher appreciation. Here are a few simple and inexpensive ideas to celebrate teachers in September:

1. Put together a Teacher Survival Kit.

   Ways to Celebrate Teachers   

2. Have your child make a card for their new teachers.

3. Bake some cookies and attach a card that says “I’m one smart cookie, thanks to you!”

4. Help your child write a letter to their teacher, sharing some things that will help the teacher get to know your child a little better.

5. Make a Starbucks run for your teachers.

6. Put together a basket of pencils, paper clips, stickers and other things your teacher might find useful during the school day.

7. A potted plant is a nice way to brighten a teacher’s day.

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What ways can you think of to celebrate teachers?

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