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5 Ways to Clean Your House with a Lemon

5 Ways to Clean Your House with a Lemon

Ways to Clean with a Lemon

5 Ways to Clean with a Lemon

The humble lemon. The small yellow fruit looks so simple, but it has so many uses!

I often keep lemons on hand to squeeze into my water, but I never just throw the squeezed lemon into the garbage! There are so many ways you can use lemons in your everyday household cleaning.

Lemons smell bright and fresh, and they have innate antibacterial properties, so they are the perfect thing to have on hand for natural cleaning!

  • The first thing I always do with a squeezed-out lemon is to run it over the all the fixtures in my kitchen and bathroom — the faucets and the sinks. Run the lemon over all the surfaces – the citric acid will shine your fixtures right up! Just make sure to rinse the surface with water and dry with a soft towel after. This will make the fixtures shine for days!
  • Have a dirty cutting board? Questionable stains? Rub pure lemon juice into the cutting board and ┬álet it sit for 6 hours. For really nasty stains, add lemon juice and then leave it out in the bright sun. Stains will fade and germs will be eradicated! Make sure to rinse well after this treatment.
  • Tackle the nastiest part of the house – the toilet bowl. Add a generous amount of pure lemon juice to the bowl, and scrub with a toilet brush. It will both disinfect and help the bathroom stay fresh smelling.
  • Rid the microwave of built-up odors. Place half a lemon in a bowl with 8 ounces of water and microwave on high for 60 seconds. Wipe down the inside of the microwave with a damp cloth to get sticky stains and smells out.
  • Use a solution of 1 part pure lemon juice to 3 parts water and spray on windows and glass with a spray bottle. It will make your windows shine and sparkle!

So keep a lemon on hand! Lemons make an inexpensive and most importantly, non-toxic cleaner for every room in the house.

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