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Ways to Get Coupons for Free

Ways to Get Coupons for Free

Ways to Get Coupons for Free

I don’t like to buy anything without a coupon, if I can help it. The most obvious way to get coupons is through Sunday newspaper inserts. However, I live in a very rural area where newspaper delivery is only available by mail and at a premium. The one newspaper box in town is almost always sold out, before I can get to it, so for a while I resorted to purchasing coupons from a clipping service. But I have since realized there are many ways to get coupons for free.

Ways to Get Coupons for Free

Note: You can always ask co-workers, friends, and family for their unwanted Sunday inserts.

Online printable coupons are easily accessible, and I use them often. Coupon Blogs are a a great way to find the online printable coupons you need, and they often provide the matchups for weekly sales. My favorite blog for coupons and matchups is Southern Savers. You can also go directly to sources like and Facebook is also a great source for coupons. Visit your favorite brand’s Facebook page to see if coupons are available.

Product packaging is a good place to check for coupons. Before tossing that cereal box into the trash, be sure to look inside for valuable coupons.

In-store coupons are available from many grocery stores and other retail chains. Check up front at the customer service desk or displays at the front of the store for weekly sales and coupons. While walking the aisles keep an eye out for blinkies which are are coupons that come out of a little machine that is attached to a shelf. They have little lights on them that blink. When a coupon is pulled out of the machine, another one takes its place. Peelies are coupons that are attached to a box or container of a product and can be peeled right off in order to use the coupon right away. Even if you don’t need that coupon right then, check the expiration date on it to see if you can use it on a later visit.

Mailed Coupons is one of my favorite ways to get coupons for free, because they are often high value coupons or free product coupons straight from the manufacturer. Take a few minutes to write or email your favorite brands to let them know what you think about their product. More often than not they will send you coupons. Couponing to Disney does a fabulous series on this topic called 5 A Day.

Mobile coupons are super convenient, and lately I have been using more mobile coupons a lot more. There are many mobile coupon apps available and they come in handy when you make an unexpected stop at a store or restaurant.

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  • I used to get coupons from some of my neighbors, but the really nice ones have moved away. I always love getting extra coupons, but I buy coupons that I really like on Ebay. I can get good deals for the ones I want! Thanks for posting other ways to get coupons.

  • im new to couponing, but am loving it of course! we havnt eaten a meal out at a restaurant without a coupon in ages!

  • I did not know about the mailed coupons! I’m adding that to my list. Another source I’ve found is joining a product’s website. Often they thank you by sending you a coupon right away.

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