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What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

It is comforting to know you can count on certain Holiday Traditions each year. Holiday Traditions are meant to passed down between generations. It is so wonderful when you get to see your own kids doing the same traditions with their family.

Baking Christmas cookies has long been a tradition in our family. It’s something we get the whole family involved in. There is nothing better than a tray full of homemade cookies for the holidays.

When I was a kid, we always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Of course, that gift was usually a new pair of holiday pajamas but it was special just the same. My siblings and I have carried this tradition on with our own children.

After working so hard this past Thanksgiving, the cooks in our family have discussed trying something different and much easier for Christmas dinner. We are planning on making pizzas this year. It will be fun for the kids to roll the dough and create their own pizza masterpieces. The kids have also asked for homemade ice cream. Why not, if that’s what will make them happy! I found a recipe for peppermint ice cream that will be just perfect.  Maybe Christmas night pizza party will turn into a new family tradition?

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We are working on a post featuring the Holiday Traditions of our readers. If you would like to share your own Holiday Traditions with us, please fill out the form below no later than 12/10/2011.

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