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What Do Women REALLY Want From Men? | Infographic

What Do Women REALLY Want From Men? | Infographic

What do women really want from men?

I was asked my opinion on this infographic from a Millionaire Dating Site and whether or not I agree with the survey results. Over 4,600 women were surveyed and for the most part, I am in agreement with the majority. I had to laugh seeing that my age group of over 40 is not included in the survey results. I wonder what that means?

The only part that I disagree with is that 79% of women find it a turn off if a wealthy man drives an average car. That just seems so shallow to me. Personally, I would respect a man who didn’t feel the need to flaunt his wealth and instead spent his money on investments or items without so much depreciation. What’s your opinion on this?

What Do Women Really Want From Men - Infographic – A Millionaire Dating Site
What do you think women really want from men? Do you agree with this infographic?

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