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What Does Normal Feel Like?

What Does Normal Feel Like?

If you’ve ever suffered from depression, you might have found yourself at some point wondering what normal feels like. After being depressed for a while it can be difficult to remember.

A clinical approach to gauge normal is by using a check list similar to those a Psychiatrist would use to evaluate your mood. Some of the questions might include:

How are you sleeping?
How is your appetite?
Are you able to concentrate and do things like read a book?
What is your energy level?
Do you have any motivation?

I think normal holds a different feeling for everyone. For you normal might simply be that you are free from depression and anxiety. Keeping a mood journal may help determine your normal.

I have friends who have suffered from Postpartum Depression and have gone back to their ‘normal’ after a few months. Some of us have not felt normal in such a long time that we forget that feeling.  You might be going along just fine then”Wham!” you get knocked on your butt.

So I find myself wondering what does normal feel like? Are ups and downs just a normal part of life? My normal will never be the same as someone else. After all, no other person has experienced exactly what I have, nor has the same chemical make-up as me. We’re all unique.

What does your normal feel like?

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  • It’s great to see depression more talked about than in the past. it is difficult as depression looks different with different people. Thanks for sharing

  • Once a person has become depressed (clinically) it can become very difficult to know what “normal” means to anybody, least of all themselves. If you are prone to depression, it may help to have someone close to you keep an additional checklist to help prevent a clinical depression.

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