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What You Didn’t Know About Babywearing {Guest Post}

What You Didn’t Know About Babywearing {Guest Post}

Guest post by Janelle of Mother Necessity.

If you’ve been around the mom blog world for very long then I’m sure you’ve heard about babywearing. I am very thankful to live in a time where there are so many options to choose from to carry our little ones. I’m not sure what I would have done without my Moby Wrap or ERGObaby.

I purchased a Moby Wrap while I was pregnant because I had heard quite a bit about how great they are, and knew a few people who used them and loved them. Once I brought it home and opened it though I was a bit intimidated trying to put it on. It was such a gigantic piece of fabric, and I wondered how difficult it would be to get it on and actually put an infant inside it. I watched some videos online and figured it out. I still remember the first time I put it on. My son cried a lot when he was little unless someone was holding him and walking around. My arms were getting really tired, and I couldn’t get anything done because I was constantly holding him. I finally decided it was time to try out the wrap and see how it worked. I was a bit fearful that I would put it on wrong, but I just took my time and it wasn’t really all that hard. (There had just been a recent news story of someone’s infant suffocating in a sling that freaked me out) I placed my little one inside and immediately he calmed down and fell asleep. My mom was there at the time and we were both flabbergasted.


Needless to say, my wrap got quite a bit of use. I used it in the store, I used it so I could prepare food (I never used it while cooking on the stove or around the oven- I definitely didn’t want to burn my infant!), I used it while I vacuumed, and well, a ton of other things too. The only thing that really bothered me about using it (other than the interesting looks and comments I got at the store) was that it took awhile to get it on right and when I tried to put it on outside the ends dragged on the ground. This may not be a big deal in the summer, but I live in the Pacific Northwest where it’s almost constantly raining and wet. Wrapping a soggy wrap around you to put your little one in isn’t super fun.

Once I decided that I wanted to continue babywearing, I invested in an ERGO for two reasons. One, my wrap was stretchy and once my son was around 15 lbs it started sagging when I would wear it for long periods, and two,I really wanted something that was faster and easier to put on. I wore the ERGO quite often until my son started walking. Then, he didn’t like being in it much anymore. I know some people are able to continue babywearing well into the toddler years, but it didn’t work out that way for us, which is fine.


Over the past year or so I’ve come to learn that there are quite a few more options out there to choose from for babywearing. I had no idea! It’s kind of like cloth diapers, once you look into it there’s a lot more out there than you realized. There are woven wraps (which don’t stretch), mei tai carriers, soft structured carriers, structured carriers, stretchy wraps, slings, ring slings, and more.

All those options can make it hard to choose which carrier to get though especially if you’re a bit indecisive like myself. Plus, most quality carriers and wraps are a bit pricey so you want to get one you’re going to love and use a lot! I would also say that what works the best when your baby is smaller may not be the best when they are bigger. I highly recommend a wrap for tiny babies, but preferred a soft structured carrier when they get a bit bigger and heavier. I’ve also seen a lot of warnings around lately to be careful where you purchase your carrier. Apparently people are selling cheaply made carriers and trying to pass them off as brand name. Although they might look the same as the brand name ones, they are made with lesser quality materials and can be a safety hazard because the fabric can tear and your infant could fall. Always check to make sure you are buying a carrier from a reputable source. Your baby’s well being is much more important than a few bucks.

If you’re trying to decide which carrier to invest in, I recommend doing something I didn’t do, but probably should have. Go to a baby boutique that stocks an array of carriers that you can actually try on yourself. This way you can at least see how complicated it is to put on and whether you will be confident enough to actually use it. Some carriers are better for taller or larger people and some for smaller. It definitely pays to do your research. Also, talk to your friends who babywear and see what they own and like. There are online forums you can join too to find out more. I found a whole bunch of U Tube videos showing how to babywear with various wraps and carriers. That’s how I figured out how to do a back carry with my ERGO. Do be careful though, not everyone who posts a video knows what they’re talking about!

For me, babywearing was a lifesaver, and I’m looking forward to doing it again if we are blessed with another little one in the future.

About Janelle: I am a wife to my amazing, funny, enthusiastic husband Jesse and a full-time mommy to one active (and adorable) 18 month old son named Angelo. I discovered the mama blogging world looking for information about cloth diapering (to save money), and have been “sucked in”. My current interests (aka, obsessions,) involve frugal living, cloth diapering, greener living, improving my culinary skills, and becoming a more godly wife and mother. I blog over at Mother Necessity.

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