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Windows 8 is Changing the Way Families Use the Computer

Windows 8 is Changing the Way Families Use the Computer

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I had a chance to sit down with some of the lovely folks from Windows at BlogHer in NYC a couple of weeks ago, and one of the highlights of our visit was a sneak peek at Windows 8. I warn you in advance that if your are looking for a deeply insightful assessment of the new Windows 8 operating system…stop reading now. Instead you’ll be getting a Windows 8 review from a technologically challenged middle-aged mom. What I can share with you is how I think Windows 8 will benefit my family including three very tech savvy teens. One thing I can say for certain is that Windows 8 is changing the way families use the computer.

Windows 8 is colorful, fun, and engaging.

Windows 8 Review

I’ll admit that I was a little overwhelmed by my first look at Windows 8. The new face of Windows 8 more closely resembles what you are used to seeing on your mobile device, only seriously amped up. While it’s designed for touch screen, Windows 8 can still be used with the good old keyboard and mouse. I found myself secretly rejoicing over this little tidbit during my meeting. You see I am all thumbs when it comes to touch screen technology. However, I will conform…promise. The kids on the other hand will be thrilled with the new touch screen option on our home pc’s.

Windows 8 Review – A Mom’s Perspective

During my Windows 8 demonstration, I was shocked by how quickly information became available from a simple swipe of the screen. If you are someone who has a need for speed, Windows 8 will no doubt deliver what you want. Flipping between apps is immediate. Instead of opening multiple tabs and windows, you can click on one of the many tiles to get you exactly where you need to be. I love how customizable the system is. We’ll be able to add shortcuts to the many sites and apps the kids use to do homework assignments such as: the online dictionary, encyclopedia, homework hotline, and educational sites like National Geographic Kids.

Windows 8 Review

If you’re using Windows 8 on a portable device, an innovative thumb keyboard makes typing easy. A full size touch keyboard is also available.

Not sure what to make for dinner? Windows 8 offers some amazing apps that offer up family friendly recipes and allow you to search for a recipe based on the ingredients you have. I can’t wait to get my hands on this feature!

The new Windows 8 is fast and seamless. I look forward to embracing the change and discovering the many benefits Windows 8 has to offer my family.

Windows 8 is currently available in beta version and is slated to release in October 2012.

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