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Words Hurt: Please Help Us Put an End to Bullying

Words Hurt: Please Help Us Put an End to Bullying

words hurt pledge to stop bullying

I remember being called four eyes when I was a kid. I didn’t like it very much, but that was about as bad as the bullying ever got. Words hurt yet today’s youth encounter an even greater form of bullying through cyberbullying. It’s vicious, cruel and propelled by social media. It’s no grand revelation that words hurt. Many of us have been a victim of bullying in one way or another. So why is it that bullying has become an epidemic among today’s youth and nothing has successfully been done on a grand scale to stop it?

Pledge to stop bullying!

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Now is the time for us to take action as parents, friends, teachers, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We have an opportunity to let our voices be heard and take a stand against bullying by signing taking the pledge via the widget above.

Will you please join me in taking the pledge to stop this hurtful behavior? It will only take a moment of your time but can go a long way to help a child who is hurting as a victim of bullying.

words hurt pledge to stop bullying

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Many parents worry their children will be bullied—or have dealt with real-life situations of it happening. The scenarios are fraught with emotion, since everyone wants to protect their children from harm. In an effort to stop the epidemic, TakePart has created an action that asks us to pledge to stop bullying. Childhood bullying can have a lifelong impact, leading to depression, anxiety, substance abuse and even suicide. But we have the power to prevent it, if we take action.

Participant Media, TakePart’s parent company, produces socially relevant films with the idea that “a good story well-told can change the world.” Films such as An Inconvenient Truth, The Help, Lincoln, and Waiting for Superman have helped inspire action in a wide range of issues. TakePart aims to further those messages with quality content. In our education and social justice coverage, we’re committed to exploring important topics that impact our children.

Have you taken the pledge yet? Thanks to TakePart for sponsoring today’s discussion.

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  • Yes children and adults can be cruel with what they say. I think schools need to deal with it better and stop ignoring it. It is sad what some kids do after being bullied all the time because It does hurt and sticks in your mind along time. Yes I signed up

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