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Have Your Kid’s Favorite Shows at Your Fingertips with XFINITY X1 DVR

Have Your Kid’s Favorite Shows at Your Fingertips with XFINITY X1 DVR

Have Your Kid's Favorite Shows at Your Fingertips with XFINITY X1 DVR

Disclosure: Post sponsored by XFINITY, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.

Have you noticed a change in the weather recently? We are finally getting a taste of spring-like weather here in Georgia. It is time to get my family out of this state of hibernation we have been in all winter long. I am in the process of planning some fun outings and travel for spring and summer breaks. I found some local farms where we can go berry picking and am sure we will be heading to Six Flags Over Georgia too. A trip to Disney World over Mother’s Day weekend is now also on the agenda. It’s all shaping up nicely.

The only downside to making a day trip to the farm or driving down to Florida, is trying to keep the girls entertained. Keeping kids entertained during errands or on the way to cheer practice can be exhausting in itself. The idea of an eight hour road trip has me a little stressed out just thinking about it. Long hours in the car, or on a plane, can be hard for anyone, but even worse for kids and teens. It’s best for all parties involved when you have something like the X1 DVR from XFINITY to help keep kids entertained and to pass the time. With the busy travel season coming up, I am excited to share how the X1 DVR lets you watch your recorded shows from anywhere.

Have Your Kid's Favorite Shows at Your Fingertips with XFINITY X1 DVR

Technology can be a parent’s best friend (or in my case a grandparent’s best friend) when it comes to traveling. Having games and movies available on a an iPad or tablet can do wonders to help kids entertained on the road. The X1 DVR from XFINITY is a real life-saver. It lets you take all of the kid’s, or your, favorite recordings anywhere you go. That is not something that you can do with Google Fiber.

The cloud technology from X1 allows for 500 GB of storage, meaning you’ve got tons of shows and movies at your fingertips after downloading. That is a lot of shows! My granddaughters can watch as many episodes of The Thundermans, Sponge Bob, and Victorius as they want. It is more than enough space for you to travel with shows for you, the kids and still have room for movies too. Plus, they are available right after downloading them. Just get the app on your tablet, and the kids can be watching their favorite shows while you are on your way to visit family down the block or across the country.

How nice would it be to have all of the kid’s favorite shows at your finger tips for those moments when you are stuck in the car? Which shows would your kids want to watch? Learn more about the X1 DVR from XFINITY.

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