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Zoomer Interactive Dino is Something to Rawr About!

Zoomer Interactive Dino is Something to Rawr About!

Zoomer's Interactive Dino at Walmart

About A Mom has partnered with Walmart to share this holiday season’s top toys. Our newest feature from the Walmart Chosen By Kids Top 20 Toys List is Zoomer’s Interactive Dino, and this toy is something to RAWR about! This year, Zoomer Interactive Dino topped the list, spinning, chomping and roaming with the kids. After spending a little time with this adorable Dino, I am not at all surprised that he is a holiday favorite.

Zoomer Dino is so much fun and full of surprises! With real dinosaur movements and sounds, he roams about chomping and roaring. But don’t be scared of this Dino, he also has some very lovable qualities and a great personality. He’s just adorable sitting under the Christmas tree with all of the other presents.

Zoomer Interactive Dino at Walmart

Available in a choice of purple or green, Zoomer Interactive Dino is a toy that boys and girls of any age will enjoy. It’s definitely not your run-of-the mill toy, and it really stands out among the rest this holiday season. My family thinks Zoomer Dino is great!

Control him if you can! Boomer is the incredible Zoomer Dino Toy that only you can tame! With real dinosaur movements, sounds and incredible dino-sense abilities, Dino can detect when you’re nearby and interacting with him. But watch out! Just like a real Dino he can get angry, spin around, chomp and roar! Using True Balance Technology, Boomer perfectly balances on two wheels as he roams freely, exploring your home. Use your hands or the included controller to tame his Dino nature and build your friendship. But, don’t make him mad by pulling his tail! He doesn’t like it! He might even let out dino-sized burps and farts! Become a true dino master and control him if you can with Zoomer Dino!

Zoomer Interactive Dino at Walmart

If you are thinking about picking up this popular toy, Zoomer Interactive Dino is available at Walmart for $79.88. Also, check out Walmart’s entire assortment of Interactive Toys at, including other favorites like Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy ($24.00 at Walmart) and LeapFrog LeapTV ($149.00 at Walmart).

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And don’t forget that all of Walmart’s top 20 toys are covered under Walmart’s Savings Catcher, their online receipt comparison tool. If a top local competitor offers a lower advertised price on those or other eligible items, customers get the difference on a Walmart eGift Card.

Check out even more ways that Walmart is making holiday shopping easier and more affordable!

Walmart’s layaway program is a big help when planning for a great holiday season, and is available in more than 4,000 stores nationwide.

Through Ad Match, Walmart will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical item at the service desk. This applies to layaway items too.

Which toys from Walmart’s Chosen by Kids List has made it to your child’s holiday wish list?

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