Have You Experienced LBL?

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Have you experienced LBL aka light bladder leakage? There’s a good chance you have, since 1 in 3 women suffer from LBL. But it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Gather all of your girlfriends into a room for some girl talk, and I guarantee there will be a lot of LBL confessions. It’s one of those things that just creeps up on you. It can happen when you sneeze or cough, or laugh at something hilarious. It could even happen over summer break while you’re riding a roller coaster at your family’s favorite amusement park.

My point is that LBL is very common and it’s nothing to worry about, thanks to the oh so discreet but effective new Poise Microliner, available at Walmart.

I remember the days of wearing those awful, bulky pads. Checking out my backside in the mirror a couple of times to make sure it wasn’t too obvious to everyone else. It could be terribly embarrassing. I am so glad those days are gone.

Poise has a full collection of products for light bladder leakage, including the new Poise Microliner which happens to be the thinnest liner on the market. How can something so thin protect you from light bladder leakage? It has to do with something called SAM (super absorbant material), and it allows you to stay dry and be discreet. Just pop a couple of them into your purse for those little emergencies.

Be sure to visit Walmart.com where you can learn even more about this innovative new product and also pick up Poise at Walmart during your next visit.

Check back here soon for my full review of the Poise Microliner!

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  1. I’ve heard that this is a very common problem in woman-not only older woman but woman my age, too! It’s definitely nothing to be ashamed over and it’s nice to know there are discrete products out there that help :)

  2. I am so lucky that I don’t have that issue, but there are a few moms in my zumba class that complain about leaking whenever they jump!

  3. As I get older, this becomes more and more of an issue. Can’t wait to read your next post.

  4. This was an issue after I had my daughter. It’s good that Poise is making discreet pads for it now.

  5. Let see here…have i had kids?…Check. Three of them. Do I sneeze from time to time?…Check. Yes…I’ve experience LBL. I think any woman who has had kids has. So glad they have a better option than big bulky pads!

  6. I have not but I’m sure it’s not a fun experience. It nice to know there are discreet products to help cope with it.

  7. My sister has this. We were both born with “skinny urethras”. I never had the leakage issues, but I have frequent bladder infections and kidney stones. Oh the fun! LOL But, yeah… nothing to be embarrassed about!!!

  8. Amy Desrosiers says:

    After my third child, I experienced this a little bit,..not fun, but my muscles strengthened up.

  9. My OB told me that this can happen to literally anyone. It’s very common after children.

  10. I know a number of women that deal with this. It’s wonderful that products are becoming available to deal with it that aren’t the size of a billboard.

  11. I can’t say enough good things about microliners …. discreet makes ALL the difference!

  12. So glad Poise puts out amazing products to help with LBL! The microliners sounds really incredible, looking forward to reading your review!

  13. I have 5 kids, so my answer is yes, I experience this…lol. Discreet is much appreciated when it comes to this.

  14. I haven’t experienced it, yet… however, my mom who has had 5 kids has experienced this.

  15. I know very few women who have children who don’t talk about experiencing this. Looking forward to your review.

  16. I’m not sure if I have but that Poise pad is very thin and seems like a great product! Would definitely check that out ;-)

  17. I don’t have this issue but I know one day I could so it is good to know their is a product out there to help me!

  18. I experience LBL when doing jumping exercises. I lot of times now I will just modify the exercises so I’m not jumping as much or at all.

  19. After having 6 children and have experienced it myself at times. Wish more women were open and honest about this more.

  20. Yes, I’ve heard about poise! Glad to see they are available at Walmart.

  21. Thanks for sharing!! It certainly makes me more aware about this problem.

  22. I know a ton of women who deal with this. Nice to know there is a product for them.

  23. This affected me when I was pregnant, but thankfully not anymore.

  24. Discreet is the key word here. I think a lot more people would go ahead with this if they knew it was discreet.

  25. Yum…..yeah. I think many women after babies can relate to the “sneezing issue”

  26. I’ve heard this is common after having children. Even though I had triplets, I avoided this situation… for now. Thanks for sharing a topic that so many people suffer from but no one wants to talk about.

    Besos, Sarah

  27. It’s good this is available for women who may need it

  28. Not yet, but I’m sure it’s coming at some point, especially since I’ve birthed 4 babies.

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