Help Your Child Combat Cold and Flu Season

The holiday season is a magical time of giving, practicing family traditions, and that special visit from Santa Claus. It’s also the season for coughs and sniffles. I’m knowing this part of the season all too well at the moment. During the past week and a half, every member of my family has had a dreadful cold. Some of us worse than others. It’s inevitable that something catches up with us, considering all the germs my grandchildren are exposed to at school every day. I especially worry about the kids staying healthy, even more than myself. They move at such a fast pace in school, so it’s hard to get caught up after missing just a day or two. It also happens to be cheerleading competition season for my granddaughters, with the first competition this weekend. I’ll be doing everything I can to help the kids combat cold and flu season. Hopefully the nasty cold we’ve had this past week will be the last.

How to Boost Your Child's Immune System to Help Combat Cold and Flu Season

After spending many years as a healthcare professional, and talking to our family doctor I’ve determined that our best course of action in battling cold and flu season is to boost our immune systems by getting enough rest, eating a healthy diet, and taking vitamins and supplements.

How to Boost Your Child’s Immune System to Combat Cold and Flu Season

Become a Germ Buster

Keeping your house germ-free won’t actually improve your children’s immune system, but it can help reduce the risk of spreading and contracting illnesses. Wash your hands and wash them some more. Hand washing is the number one way to bust germs. Set a good example for our children by washing your own hands often. Also, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse and toss one into your child’s school backpack. Also, if your child does become ill, toss their toothbrush right away. Germs love hiding in toothbrushes.

Eat a Healthy Diet

It’s always important to eat a healthy diet, but this is a good time of the year to be extra diligent about eating more fruits and vegetables. Drinking lots of fluids is also important. Try tossing an extra piece of fruit into your child’s lunchbox.

Sleep, Sleep, and more Sleep

Adequate sleep is crucial for a strong immune system. If your child is overtired they are more likely to get sick. Doctors recommend that children ages 1 to 3 get 12 – 14 hours of sleep per day, ages 3 – 6 get 10 – 12 hours, ages 7 to 12 get 10 – 11 hours, and kids ages 12 to 18 should be getting 8 – 9 hours of sleep per day.


It’s easy to stay indoors and become dormant during the winter months, but now is the time to stay active. If the weather does not permit outdoor exercise, pop in an exercise DVD to do as a family or play games which require the kids move around.

Cover Up

Teach your child to cover her mouth when she coughs or sneezes, preferably with the inside of the elbow to keep germs away from the hands.


Be sure that your child is getting plenty of Vitamin C and taking a good multivitamin made for kids.


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  1. Definitely great ideas. I hate it when someone is sick because it seems like it spreads to everyone.

  2. No kiddo’s here but I will share this with my sister so she can try to stay up on Kaylyn getting sick!

  3. These are the gummies my son takes daily :)

  4. My kids love those gummy vitamins. We try to do all of those things to keep cold germs away. Somehow I have managed to pick up a cold this week. I hope my kids don’t get it.

  5. we LOVE L’il Critters here. We do the Immune C ones. All 5 of us.

  6. Your daughter is so pretty! We follow a lot of the same tips for staying healthy in the winter :) (and I totally eat my daughter’s Lil Critters because they’re so yummy)

  7. My girls STILL like gummy vitamins and they are 13 and 15. I love how this gets them in the habit at an early age to be healthy.

  8. My daughter had a stomach virus over Thanksgiving and needless to say it was not a bit of fun for her. During this time of year, your tips will truly come in handy for all types of illnesses.

  9. Oh! My daughter used to use Little Critters! I need to look into this line again. I recall she would take her supplements with little fuss when we did use them.

  10. These are great tips to keep the little ones healthy.. we love Little Critters and they are part of my daughters daily routine.. thanks for sharing

  11. I love these vitamins as an adult. They taste good and are easy to take. Thank you for the tips on staying healthy this winter.

  12. Not only do my kids like these vitamins, I like them too!

  13. Great tips! I need to have my son try these vitamins!

  14. Oh, these are for kids? LOL Whoops. We love these vitamins!!

  15. These are wonderful tips. I actually didn’t survive the season and have been really sick. So I’ll take these precautions to keep my kids healthy. Thanks

  16. Thanks for sharing these ideas, I definitely want to prevent cold and flu in our home! P.S. what a wonderful photo of your granddaughter!

  17. super tips- we don’t do flu shots so we work hard to fight germs the old fashioned way

  18. We use vitamins, get flu shots, and try our best to wash hands and stay healthy.

  19. We need these. We have two with colds right now!

  20. My four year old is getting sick and it is so hard to have a sick little one! We give our children whole foods supplements to try to make sure their little bodies have what they need to stay healthy.

  21. Crystal W says:

    I think Gummy vitamins are one of the best ideas of the 2000′s ..My kids never forget to take their vitamins now. Another tip I’d give is to try to limit the use of antibiotics my kids have had maybe 4 cycles each and they’re teenagers now..I think antibiotics work but only if you use them sparingly.

  22. I just picked up a bottle of L’il Critters the other day to help keep my son healthy!

  23. Ismet Bibic says:

    Nice ideas and good explanation. It is the time of flues so any help is useful.

  24. We love Lil Critters gummies! We are doing many of these things to try and stay healthy.

  25. I’m hoping the germs stay away this winter! Lots of washing hands here.

  26. My kids love these gummies.

  27. We love Lil Critters gummies at our house. Thank you for the great info on keeping our family healthy!

  28. We love Lil Critters! We have them at our home all the time!

  29. I like Lil Critters as an adult! Great tips for staying well, we do everything we can to keep germs to a minimum.

  30. Those are great tips. I really hope we can avoid getting sick this year. Colds are no fun.

  31. My son just never seems to get sick (I hope I don’t regret saying that!!). Me on the other hand just came from the LPN today. I have a viral sickness. Maybe I should have read this earlier? LOL

  32. These are great tips and super useful, especially during the Holidays, when cold & flu are rampant!

  33. These are great tips. I have 4 kids and it can be hard to keep the whole family healthy.

  34. I definitely think taking multi-vitamins can give us the best edge on fighting things off. I’m all for sneezing into elbows too. Thankfully that is starting to become more common with people!

  35. Sandy Cain says:

    Good ideas! It’s so hard to stay healthy at home when one person is sick – a cold just seems to bounce around from from one family member to another. It’s funny how these gummy vitamins are catching on more with adults now. Good thing, too, a lot of people have trouble swallowing those big vitamins.

  36. Those are great tips! I hate being sick and even more than that I hate for my little one to be sick.

  37. All thos is so true. Love to also double the clothes and stay bundled up and carry sanitizer

  38. My kids love these vitamins!

  39. So many viruses seem to be going around these days! We need to start my grandsons on vitamins now that they’re old enough. Hopefully that will cut down on the sickness around here!

  40. My daughter takes Lil’ Critters.

  41. i agree with all your tips especially about washing your hands! Thats the best thing you can teach your children!

  42. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    we use airborn to combat colds. this sounds great too!

  43. Great tips, the only way I can get my youngest to take her vitamins is with gummy bear vitamins.

  44. This is excellent information and a great reminder.

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