Keeping Family Close with Skype Video Calling

Living apart from family can be very difficult at times. Two of my sisters live in Florida and another in Texas. My son, now a young adult, lives in Tennessee near his father and sisters. My sisters who live in Florida get to spend quite a bit of time together, and it’s hard to not be a wee bit jealous of that time they get together. As far as my son goes, well, lets just say it’s a total bummer not getting to hug him everyday. No matter how old our kids get, they never stop being our babies. And I miss that big kid something terrible.

Keeping Family Close with Skype Video Calling

Many years ago, I lived all over the country as a young military spouse. And I’m sure that I’m aging myself by saying this, but Skype video calling didn’t exist yet. I found myself feeling very disconnected from my friends and family. Fast forward to today, and although the miles are still between us, I feel like my relationships are closer and better than ever thanks in great part to Skype.

Having the ability to both see and listen as we share the events of the day, swap stories, share secrets, and tell jokes is priceless. Video calling has helped me to maintain relationships and feel like I’m not missing out on quite so much.

Skype with Sid

{My son coming in close for a discussion while we Skype.}

I just love it when my son pops in for a quick video chat just to say hello or goodnight. What mother wouldn’t love to see that face? A video call will never replace having my son back home with me, but it certainly is the next best thing.

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  1. says

    We use Skype all of the time w/ grandparents. My little man is growing so quickly and they can’t visit, so they love to see him on Skype. It’s always a fun time.

  2. says

    Skype is one of the best inventions ever- my friends hubby was in Afghanistan for 2 years but they were able to Skype almost daily :)

  3. says

    Fortunately, I live close to all of my family. But Skype has been a fun way to keep in touch with my blogging friends scattered throughout the US.

  4. says

    We use Skype to keep in touch with our entire family! Living so far away from loved ones can be hard, but Skype totally helps keep us stay close to our family!

  5. says

    We have friends in Hong Kong and Skype is an awesome way to keep in touch! We also have a lot of family out of state and it is great for the kids to be able to see them face to face.

  6. says

    Skype is great for this! My family live all over the world so I really appreciate how the Internet has given us tools to stay in touch better.

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I have never used Skype, but now that my sons have moved into their own households and are either in another state or 300 miles upstate I may change my mind. It does sound like a wonderful way to keep in touch.

  8. Tammy S says

    We love Skype. There have been times when my husband is traveling and one of the kids needs help with a calculus problem and he has been able to help them over Skype.

  9. says

    We love skype…use it all the time. The boys have friends across different states and call them with skype all the time and we always call our family in Germany; that’s the only way to stay in touch with grandparents …love it

  10. says

    I really need to set up more Skype dates with my inlaws, who still miss their grandchildren in between visits although they are just four hours away.

  11. Catherine Shaw says

    This is such a great technology. I really have to start using it — though I rather dread having my face on screen at certain times of day!

  12. says

    My husband and I use skype to keep in touch whenever one of us is away. It makes it easier to be away from the kids when you can video chat with them.

  13. Devin Platt says

    Skype is great for chatting, if both parties internet connections are good enough. If one person lives in a rural area with little bandwidth, it doesn’t work so well :(

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