LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table Review

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LeapFrog is a brand that I go to for learning toys. They seem to offer the best of toys that are both educational and entertaining. I’m of the mindset that quality comes before quantity when it comes to toys. I would much rather have a few good toys that will keep the kids busy for long periods of time, instead of a room full of toys collecting dust. We’ve had a number of different LeapFrog toys over the years, and have always been extremely satisfied. I was happy to get a LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table review opportunity that I could share with my 18 month old grandson.

LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

As you can see, everyone was excited when our Animal Adventure Learning Table arrived. Even the dogs had to get in on the action. The kids and I were pushing buttons, before it even came out of the box. I love how easy it was to assemble. The legs literally just pop on and snap into place and the table sits very sturdy.

The learning table, geared for children ages 6 months to 36 months, is the perfect height for my grandson. It is round so we don’t have to worry so much about booboos. There is a lot going on with this table. Children can improve their motor skills and dexterity while playing with 7 different activity and learning stations; where you can tap, press, pat, spin, turn, and flip.

Hippo – Lift mouth for songs, mirror fun and peek-a-boo play!
Giraffe – Flip the page for ABC or 1-2-3 activities.
Tiger – Slide music notes to learn about opposites and hear silly sounds!
Monkey – Spin the guitar for motor skill fun.
Piano – Explore music notes, melodies, numbers and colors.
Fish – Bat the spinner to see it rattle and roll.
Drum – Tap for a musical light show and learn about shapes, numbers, colors and more.

A lot of the musical toys we’ve had play the same thing over and over, resulting in the kids getting bored very easily and my nerves getting frayed. That hasn’t happened with the LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table. It plays over 100 songs and responses that will keep babies and toddlers very busy. There are two different modes — learning and music. I love that it sings through the entire alphabet song and also has a fun counting song. Each time you lift, spin or move something the table talks, sings, or lights up. You know how some talking toys have that annoying robotic sounding voice…not the case here. It’s a very pleasant juvenile voice that I don’t mind listening to.

Leap Frog Animal Adventure Learning Table

This toy seems to have all of the core learning skills covered — colors, shapes, counting, ABCs, animals, motor skills, and more. I wish we had gotten this when my grandson was younger and could get full use of the 6 months to 36 months age range. It’s one of those toys that will grow with your child. Without the legs this toy is perfect for younger babies. If your child is just starting to pull up and stand, the table is sturdy enough to support

This toy is super engaging, although I think we have the most fun just banging the drum in the middle, watching the different shapes light up, and listening to music. We are truly delighted with this learning table and I see my grandson having many more hours of fun with it.

The LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table uses 3 AA batteries, and has a suggested retail price of $39.99. It’s available from most major retailers of toys.

Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity as a compensated member of Clever Girls Collective and received free product from LeapFrog to review. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #LFAnimalAdventures #spon

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  1. We have a much older model of the leapfrog learning tables. They are the most engaging toy, and if I ever have another kid, I will be getting one of the newer tables. They provide so much fun for the kids. I love them! This one looks absolutely adorable!!

  2. How cute. My son would love this!

  3. I bet my daughter would have loved this when she was younger.

  4. That looks like fun…so much that it looks like the dog wants in!

  5. Oh my goodness my daughter would LOVE this. She loves her music toys so much. The only problem is she wants to climb everything lol

  6. That is absolutely adorable! I love the bright colors!

  7. wow there is alot to keep them busy! I like the bright colors too!

  8. We had an older version of that, same concept. Kids loved it!

  9. We have a similar table and my son uses it now at almost 22 months. It’s great for learning about cause and effect too!

  10. I love LeapFrog toys and this one looks awesome. So very cute too!

  11. That is so cute! My kids would have loved that when they were younger.

  12. I love this!! can’t wait to get one for my son bryson!

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