Spooky Gauze Ghost Doll

I came up with the idea for this ghost craft project while doing a Bing search for Halloween art dolls. Many of the dolls I came across were a bit to creepy for me, so I settled on making a more whimsical ghost doll using gauze and an old t-shirt. If you want to make this spooky gauze ghost yourself, download my pattern here. This doll is very simple to make and will add just the right amount of spook to your Halloween festivities.

Spooky Gauze Ghost Doll

Spooky Gauze Ghost Doll

Here’s What You’ll Need
ghost pattern
old white t-shirt
2 pieces of floral stem wire
needle and thread
white floral tape
1 roll white gauze
2 small black beads
Elmers craft glue
paint brush
batting (enough to fill the ghost)

1) Download, print, and cut out ghost pattern. Pin the ghost pattern onto a piece from an old white t-shirt, and cut around the pattern. Double the fabric to get both sides of the ghost cut at once, or repeat to get a second ghost.

2) Loosely hand stitch around the ghost, allowing no more a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave a one inch opening at the top of the head, for stuffing. Also, leave a very small opening at the tip of the tail to insert the wire.

3) Wrap 2 pieces of floral wire together with white floral tape, covering twice.

4) Insert the wrapped wire into the tail of the ghost up to within an inch of the head. Secure the tail of the fabric to the wire with the white floral tape.

Spooky Gauze Ghost Doll

5) Stuff batting into the ghost, stuffing it around the wire and keeping the wire to the center of the ghost as much as possible.

6) Stitch the head of the ghost closed.

7) Shape the tail into a spiral.

Gauze Ghost Doll How-To

8) Mix equal parts of glue and water. Cut gauze into strips of varying sizes. Using a brush, put a light coating of glue mixture all over the ghost. Wrap the ghost with the gauze strips, brushing more glue as needed to hold the strips into place. Continue wrapping gauze until ghost is completely covered. Allow to dry completely, over night.

9) Sew two beads into place for the eyes.

Spooky Gauze Ghost Doll How-To


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  1. Very Very Cute.

  2. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I like it,simple but cute!

  3. karen medlin says:

    Love the idea~ very cute. You are very creative.

  4. This is so cute.

  5. Awww. I love Halloween decorations that are cute instead of creepy.

  6. You always come up with the cutest creations!

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  9. I like that it is whimsical. Much better than scary!

  10. i love your spooky gauze ghost its adorable and sucha cute idea

  11. Super cute, what a great idea!

  12. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Awww i love this idea. I have some gauze left form a surgery I had. Always wondered what I could use it for.

  13. Stacey Roberson says:

    What a cute ghost doll! Looks simple to make and with items that I probably already have in my home. These would be great to hang in the trees in the front yard.

  14. Super cute and crafty! And yet reminds me of the time I cut off the tip of my thumb..that’s about how it looked after I left the ER:)

  15. That’s so simple and cute!

  16. That looks like the friendliest ghost! :)

  17. What a cute and easy craft for Halloween!

  18. Very cute idea. I love how simple it is.

  19. That is SO cute! My son’s terrified of ghosts this year or else I’d totally make that tomorrow.

  20. I love how simple this idea is and how easy it looks to make. It’s really cute!

  21. Awww it’s a little Casper!!

  22. You did a great job! I could see several small ghosts like this hanging in the entrance of my house…

  23. Hehe what a cute lil ghost!! Thanks for sharing how to make him!

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  28. I love that. And I like that is isn’t super thin so it will hold up. Very cute!

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  30. stephanie says:

    what a cute idea

  31. Oh my, how cue is that!! I have to make one!

  32. This is such a cute little ghost and I like that he is cute rather than creepy.

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  38. I like this. This is a great use for gauze- which usually sits around unused.You could hang these ghosts on your porch.

  39. Too cute!! adorable!!!

  40. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    Super cute idea, I sometimes volunteer with a childrens group and this will be a great project for us next year. Simple but not to spooky :)

  41. This is really cute and very inventive. Thank you for sharing with us all and have a lovely day.

  42. Thank you for sharing this adorable craft with us. I love it.

  43. Jana Williams says:

    This is Really Adorable & it’s Something that Most People Can Do Easily with the Simple Instructions! Fall is My Favorite Time of Year & Decorating for Fall or Cooking Fall Treats is the Most Fun I have All Year! Who Needs to Buy Expensive Decorations when you can Make them yourself? Great Post! Have a Blessed Day! Jana

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  49. Super cute! Pinned. Hugs! Lou Lou Girls

  50. Susan Wilder says:

    Loving this cute lil ghost! Got my project for this weekend to make w/my two grandsons, ages 3 & 5. Thanks so much!

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