Spooky Spider Pops

We’re still making goodies for our upcoming Halloween party and had so much fun creating these Spooky Spider Pops… that is after I finally found where I had stashed the bag of googly eyes. Lately it seems that I am always missing one ingredient for each project. I guess it’s time to get the craft closet more organized. Thus I digress… back to the Spooky Spider Pops.

I love edible decorations like these candy corn centerpieces and that’s exactly what this eight legged guys are. They were super easy to make and will look great on the snack table at our party.

Spooky Spider Pops - About A Mom

Here’s What You’ll Need

Black pipe cleaners
Googly eyes (small)
Craft Glue

You’ll need 4 pipe cleaners for each spider. Center 4 pipe cleaners at the base of the pop and wrap them around the stick twice so there are four legs on each side. You can wrap them around once if you like, but I think they are more sturdy when wrapped twice.

Bend the pipe cleaner ends up to form 4 feet.

Glue on googly eyes.

That’s all there is to it. This project was easy enough for the kids to do with just a little guidance. I found my inspiration for this project here.

What do you think? What craft projects are you working on for Halloween? If you liked this post, check out 5 Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids.

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  1. What a good idea?! I will for sure be doing this for my Halloween party on the 25th!! :)

  2. These are absolutely adorable! Love how simple and easy they are to make. My kids will love them.

  3. We are having a spider party next week and this would be a perfect treat to have the kids help with!

  4. Easy and cute!

  5. Angela, this is SO easy! I am so craft challenged, but I think I could do this, so cute!

  6. Love these. What a neat idea for candy.

  7. I love these! They’re so cute and simple. I’m not really good at crafts, so the easier the better!

  8. These are so cute! I am having a Halloween party and I am going to use this idea. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Girl, you are so creative! I need to borrow your brain for my son’s school Halloween party. Actually I’ll just stalk your website! Thanks for another cute idea!

  10. These are ADORABLE. We are going to have to make these!

  11. I love these! I’m all about easy and simple when it comes to crafts. But I also love cute! I think I’ll be making these with my students at school!

  12. Those are absolutely adorable! I love them! We have some lollipops we were planning on making into ghosts…I’m thinking I might want to do this instead. lol.

  13. Too cute and I love that the kids can help!

  14. Mike Davis says:

    Perfect craft for todays home school arts– the 4 little ones will really like doing this– now I have to pull out all the stuff and show Dianna so she can help them put this together–Im not sure Pierce can do this but eat the tootsie pops– but at least he watch. Thats for our art project. this is great!!

  15. Robin Quick says:

    These are so cute. I will have to try & make these for the school carnival!

  16. Oh my goodness! I love this, what a great idea :0)

  17. What a great idea – thank you

  18. Those are so cute! My kids would have so much fun making and eating them.

  19. jamie braun says:

    So cute! & its looks super easy. I’m not the greatest at crafts (the kids are even better than me!) & this looks like something I can do!

  20. Karen Medlin says:

    very cute, perfect project for the preschooler

  21. Anita Jones says:

    my kids would have fun with this :)

  22. What a cute and easy idea, love it!

  23. Michelle F. says:

    such a cute and easy idea!

  24. these are adorable! Look so easy to do!

  25. stephanie says:

    this would be great for any Halloween party

  26. What a fun and easy craft! I know my six year old daughter will love making these for Halloween :)

  27. These look really fun. I don’t do much for Halloween, I don’t have kids. Thank you for posting.

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