The Kyocera Hydro Edge Waterproof Child-Proof Smartphone is Here!

Ever drop your phone in the tub, sink or worse? No Prob. The Sprint Kyocera Hydro Edge is more than unlimited, it’s “mom tested/approved!” Sprint gave me the chance to review the Hydro Edge water-proof phone, and I’ve been so impressed by both it’s functionality and the ability to hold up to my rough family.

Would you let this rough bunch borrow your phone?

Sprint Kyocera Hydro Edge

My smartphone gets so much use. It’s used for work, talking with friends and family, and as a source of entertainment for the kids while away from home. With tweens and teens around, it’s bound to be dropped, stepped on, thrown, handled with sticky fingers, or even dropped into a bowl of cereal (which really happened). I need a phone that’s tough and can withstand rough use, and I think I have found just that in the Kyocera Hydro Edge from Sprint.

Sprint Kyocera Hydro Edge

Unlike the ultra-rugged exterior you would expect from a waterproof device like the Kyocera Torque, the Hydro Edge has a very sleek design. It’s a bit smaller than some phones I have had, but fits nicely into the palm of my hand and is still very functional and easy to use. Actual measurements are 4.90 x 2.50 x 0.39 inches with a weight of 4.5 ounces. There is a textured are on the back over the battery compartment.

Sprint Kyocera Hydro Edge

Juggling your day or groceries is no problem. Ever crack a screen? Good luck breaking this one. The Hydro comes a with Dragontrail™ glass touchscreen display to survive most accidents.

The Hydro EDGE has a 4.0-inch impact-resistant display with a resolution of 800 x 480. The handset is then powered by a dual-core 1.0GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8627 processor. It also contains 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, 1600 mAh battery, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. You will get some very good pictures from the front-facing 5 megapixel camera.

Did I mention that this phone is waterproof?

Sprint Kyocera Hydro Edge

A waterproof phone is a must if you have kids of any age. Whether it’s a teething toddler who likes to chew on your phone in the grocery store or a careless teen who might drop it into the bathtub or swimming pool, a waterproof phone is a very good thing to have. I have a couple of friends who can barely go without their smartphone long enough to take a shower. Now they won’t have to!

Affordable & Tough
The Kyocera Hydro Edge is a great value. It’s perfect for moms, dads or anyone who’s active (or klutzy) and still needs the power of a smartphone to manage home/family/work life. This phone stands up to the pool or bath time. The Hydro can be sprayed water or submersed to about 3 feet of fresh water for 30 minutes.

Check out my video review to see this waterproof phone put to the test.

Wow, an affordable 4G Android phone that’s also super rugged and waterproof. That’s for me! The Kyocera Hydro Edge waterproof smartphone is currently available from both Sprint and Boost Mobile. Visit Sprint online or a local Sprint retailer for current pricing.

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Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. As a Sprint Ambassador, I receive products and services to use throughout the year.

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  1. I love the waterproof feature!

  2. I know so many people who need a phone like this! What a great idea, all phones should have waterproof features!

  3. I need a child-proof phone!

  4. I love that!!! I need something like this since I drop my phone a lot.

  5. I want a waterproof phone! I see others with underwater pictures from their phone! Also, I love that this phone is affordable!

  6. I have this phone and it is incredible!

  7. Forget the phone for every teen, this is a phone for every MOM!! How many times have your kids been holding on to your phone and said WHOOPS as it lands in a puddle or drops on the hard concrete. I want this phone! lol

  8. Great to know, I could have used this on my recent vacation in WDW, we went to water parks 2x!

  9. The waterproof feature is a plus for me! I need to look into this!

  10. I’m iffy on anything that says childproof – my son can crack/hack just about anything.

  11. So nice that it is waterproof!

  12. I love that they have come out with an actual waterproof phone and not just a case that is an AWESOME idea.

  13. A phone that is all that without a gigantic case is amazing!

  14. Nevermind the kids, I might need waterproof. I almost dropped my Galaxy 3 in water today :O

  15. I need this.

  16. those should sell like HOT Cakes. My son had his phone thrown in the pool about 2 yrs ago and I swear he was about to break down and cry. (ok he did but I’m not suppose to tell anyone)

  17. It’s about time there were waterproof & kid proof phones!!

  18. This phone looks amazing. Would love to get one for my daughter.

  19. My son throws my phone into the sink and bath all the time, so waterproof would be awesome!

  20. wow that is really cool!

  21. I totally need this! Our phones are so expensive. I have to admit though, that the case would be good for me because I’m the clumsy one (not my son). lol.

  22. Genius! My husband needs a phone like this, he’s notorious for accidentally dropping his mobile devices :)

  23. I need this phone!!

  24. That is such a sleek looking phone. So, so cool that it’s waterproof!!

  25. I have this phone. So awesome, isn’t it!??? I like to freak people out by just placing it in water. lol

  26. Thirty minutes is more than a fair time to figure out your phone has fallen into water!

  27. Wow, that’s impressive! I can’t believe how much you can submerge it. That would be so great for peace of mind!

  28. No WAY!?! I dropped my phone in the toilet once. That wasn’t pretty.

  29. We need this.. are you 100% sure this is waterproof?? My kids constantly drop theirs into the sink when doing dishes, I can’t remember how many new phones I had to get them..LOVE this, thanks for sharing, I have to check it out for the kids in time for Christmas

    • I’m totally sure that it’s waterproof. I dropped it in a glass or tub of water multiple times. I was so nervous at first, but it’s pretty amazing.

  30. as queen of all things accidental with phones, I definitely could use a waterproof phone. More like a Julie proof phone. it would also help if it magically returned to my pocket when I lost it but… I’ll settle for waterproof! :)

  31. i literally just lifted my phone up to realize it had been in a puddle from condensation on the table. where do i sign up again?

  32. I love that. I pay extra right now for protection if I get my phone wet. So much nicer to just have it waterproof to begin with.

  33. Sounds like a pretty handy phone. I am overprotective of my phone and have a waterproof case for mine.

  34. This sounds like a great phone. Thank you for your review.

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