Sprint Announces WeGo Starter Phone for Kids

One of the things that I really love about Sprint is their commitment to keeping kids safe online. Sprint WeGo is their latest effort in keeping kids safe. The Sprint WeGo Starter Phone for kids is an affordable cell phone option that features easy-to-use technology. Parental controls and extensive tracking functionality make this phone perfect for younger children.

Sprint WeGo Starter Phone for Kids

Kids at younger and younger ages are now asking their parents for a mobile phone. They want to be able to call and text friends, play games and apps, surf the Internet and more. But that, of course, opens up many potential dangers. Who are they talking to? What are they looking at online? Will they break an expensive device? The list goes on. Sprint WeGo is an easy-to-use starter phone with numerous safety features that gives parents peace of mind while teaching kids responsibility – allowing them to call and text preselected individuals – all at just $9.99/month for service (phone costs $120). A portal available online and via a mobile application allows parents to locate their child on a map, control device features such as contacts and set up notifications (including SMS read receipt, panic alarm pulled, speed alert, wake alert and more).

What do you get with a Sprint WeGo Plan ($9.99/month)?

Includes: 1,000 minutes and 1,000 text messages
Additional Usage Charges: Voice Minutes $.40/minute and $.20/text message (sent or received)

You must have a parent device (primary line of service) on the same account to activate WeGo. Learn more about Sprint WeGo.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Would you be more willing to let your younger children have a cell phone with all of the usage limitations and parental controls that are available with WeGo?

disclosure: Press materials provided by Sprint. As a Team Sprint Ambassador I receive products and services from Sprint. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Pam says

    This is so cool! My daughter got a phone when she was young because my husband worked out of town all the time and she needed a phone to get in touch with me and him. This would have been perfect.

  2. Melanie says

    Wow this WeGo phone would be perfect for my daughter! I love how Sprint is helping kids be safe online and this plan lets you make sure your kids are doing what they should with their phones.

  3. says

    Oh wow! I’m really glad you shared this because I really need to get my son a phone and this is PERFECT! Every concern you listed is exactly why I have been hesitating!

  4. Ben says

    I love this. My nephew has started mumbling about a phone, but the level of freedom it offers a kid is frightening. I can get behind a phone like this.

  5. says

    It’s not time for our boys to have phones yet, but I’m loving the options we will have when they started asking for one. I think it’s best to start with something like this, so they can get used to responsible use of a phone.

  6. says

    This would be a perfect solution for my oldest. He has been begging for a phone and I have been hesitant, but this seems like a good alternative.

  7. says

    This is awesome! I love how more cell phone companies are catering to kids. The prices for the phone and plans are pretty decent as well.

  8. says

    Love this phone. My daughter starts middle school next year and this would be perfect for her. Thankfully I have Sprint so it shouldn’t be hard to add this on. Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    We got a flier in the mail from Sprint about them. I thought about it but I don’t think we are quite ready yet. Our oldest will just turn 8 at the end of the summer!

  10. says

    I don’t think I’d give them a phone any earlier than I would have anyway, but I’d choose this type of option to feel more secure about it.

  11. says

    Very interesting idea, I gave my kids cell phones when they entered grade 6 as they were switching schools and had to walk a fair distance. It gave me great peace of mind to know that they could contact me if they needed to,

  12. says

    I am loving the WEGO starter phone options for kids! We are almost to the age where my kids are going to need a cell phone soon. And I want one with a lot of parental controls!

  13. says

    I think it’s important for kids to have cell phones for emergencies. Times have changed so much since I was a kid, and there is a lot of danger lurking out there now. This is a great way to keep them safe at an affordable price.

  14. says

    This is a great little phone for kids! My daughter’s first phone was very similar to this and it was a great phone for the basics!

  15. says

    I love the idea of a very limited device for tweens who want a phone and you need to be able to connect but without all that a phone usually has.

  16. says

    This would have been perfect for us years back. I needed a ay for my oldest to be able to reach me just in case. We would up having to add a whole line at that point which was expensive, something like this would have been ideal.

  17. Amy Desrosiers says

    I personally don’t think kids need a phone. Unless they have a job there is no need, our parents survived back then, and so did many of us. I think society is trying to push too much tech these days. Sure it’s cool, but my kids won’t get one till teenage years.

  18. says

    I think I would be more comfortable with my children having a phone like that although i’d still wait till they are AT LEAST 13, preferably 16. I like the limited features though. Great idea!

  19. says

    I know the age for kids to get a mobile phone keeps getting younger and younger, and sometimes kids aren’t ready for all of the responsibility. Glad there are some safeguards on this phone.

  20. says

    I don’t think it’s necessary but then again our daughter didn’t have a cell phone of her own until she was 17. I think if kids need a phone because there is no land line and they’re home alone or they walk home from school by themselves then it would be a good thing.

  21. says

    I love this! My son wouldn’t need it just yet, but I love it for a few years from now when he’s not ready for a full on phone but needs something to check in.

  22. says

    This is a wonderful solution for tweens, and since my oldest will be getting her first cell phone soon, I definitely need to be looking into starter plans.

  23. Tammy S says

    I think this is a killer deal! I would get this if my kids were just getting their first cell phone and were younger. I think it’s a perfect firs cell phone and it’s a great price!

  24. saminder gumer says

    what a great idea and what a great price. i don’t need these yet but when i do i am expecting them to be a lot more sophisticated because of the kids and the amount they already know about technology.

  25. says

    This is neat. My grandson is only 3 but when he is old enough I am sure he will need something like this. Great for kid and parents to feel assured. Thanks for sharing. Great item!

  26. Barbara Adams says

    Originally I thought that ‘those’ parents were being over-indulgent, eyc. Come to find out, these could be very useful as we are all accustomed to immediate response from loved ones…never saw that coming!

  27. Sweta Sonulkar says

    really was thinking of this type for keeping track of my son ,this is really good gadget

  28. Carly Smith says

    Really great idea from Sprint. It satisfies the child’s desire to have a phone, but seems to also put safety as a top priority.

  29. Alona Y says

    I have thought about if I will give my daughter a phone and at what age, but the safety aspect really makes the idea make sense to me as a parent. I would use this for sure!


    I’ll have to check more into these Sprint phones. I’ve been searching off and on this past year for a good phone for my kids. I just can’t stomach the high monthly cost of a smartphone. The phone itself is still kind of cost for something that a kid might destroy – that would be my only hangup.

  31. Sarah Vegetabile says

    I am going to check this out for sure! I think this would be perfect for my 5th grader to start out with!

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