Summer Travel with Kids with Disney Movies Anywhere App

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I absolutely love to travel. I really enjoy traveling by myself and for this blog, but even more than that I enjoy traveling with my family. As a single Mom, I have always had so much fun hitting the open road with my son for our next adventure. This summer I have enjoyed doing a bit of traveling with my teenage nieces. For me, traveling with kids makes the trip much more fun.

Summer Travel with Kids with Disney Movies Anywhere App
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While doing summer travel with kids is certainly a whole lot of fun, it requires a little more planning than traveling solo. There are a few things I like to do to make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. Here are a few of my tips for traveling with kids:

Plan, Plan, Plan. In my experience, a successful vacation is one that has been well planned out. It’s important to do your homework when planning a trip. In addition to asking friends, I like to gather information from a variety of sources, including: family travel blogs, sites like Trip Advisor for hotel and restaurant reviews, travel apps, Visitors Bureaus, and the library.

Let the kids be a part of the planning process. You might even consider letting older children help choose the destination for your next vacation. Kids are likely to have more fun if they have been instrumental in helping to make decisions and choosing activities. Letting them know about a trip in advance will also give you a chance to visit the library to check out books about the place you are visiting. My son always seemed to enjoy travel a lot more when he had a hand in making decision about out trip.

Pack healthy snacks. Whether you are traveling by plane, train or car there is something about travel that always seems to make people hungry. It’s a good idea to have some healthy snacks on hand.

Create a special treat bag for each child and don’t let them see what’s in it, until you’re on the road. Look for unusual treats and snacks that the kids don’t normally eat at home. If necessary, these treat bags can always be used as bribery. Be sure to bring a roll of paper towels and plenty of wipes.

Let your child help pack their bag. This is with help of course, but letting your child pack their own bag will teach them to make the most of precious suitcase space and give them a sense of ownership. You might even want to start by making a list of what to include.

Be sure to bring along any special toys, blankets or pillows that will keep your child feeling comfortable and safe while traveling.

Summer Travel with Kids with Disney Movies Anywhere App

Provide plenty of entertainment. If traveling by car, be prepared with some fun road trip games like counting cows or license plate lingo. Tell stories and sing silly songs. Purchase each child a disposable camera. They can take pictures on the road and make a vacation scrap book when you return home.

Whether you are traveling by car or by plane, you’ll want to have a variety of entertainment for the kids. There’s always hand held games, portable DVD players, tablets, iPods and iPads to keep kids entertained.

Plenty of entertainment is key to a successful vacation, so if you’re thinking you’d like to bring a few family favorite movies along on your next trip, Disney has a brand new app that your family is going to LOVE! The Disney Movies Anywhere app makes it so simple for your family to enjoy their beloved Disney, Pixar, and Marvels flicks from anywhere on the globe – whether you have wifi or not — from any of your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and Apple TV). It really makes summer travel a breeze!

Disney Movies Anywhere

About the Disney Movies Anywhere App

All you have to do is download the app, sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere, and connect your iTunes account! Then you can access streaming versions of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies when online at home or in your hotel and download them to your device for offline viewing in the car, on the plane or even while camping – ANYWHERE! You can enter in codes from your previous Disney DVD/Blu-ray purchases, or download straight from iTunes.

Your Disney library is now everywhere you are, anywhere you are, and instantly accessible with or without an internet connection on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and Apple TV).

Access exclusive Disney content for free, including original programming, never-before-seen videos, and more. The Discover section at Disney Movies Anywhere includes special, exclusive streamable content, available at no charge for members. You can access things like previews of new films, behind-the scenes footage, music videos, classic shorts from the Disney Archives, and so much more.

Are you collecting Disney Movie Rewards? You’ll earn points for every digital transaction too!

If you are like me and like to be one of the first to own Disney movies, you can use Disney Movies Anywhere app to pre-order movies that are currently in theaters or returning from the Disney vault.

Now is the perfect time to download the Disney Movies Anywhere App! To celebrate the launch, a new Pixar movie will be released each week at the special price of $14.99 (regularly $19.99) for a limited time.

Exclusive video!
8 Awesome Facts About Toy Story 2

My family is loving the Disney Movies Anywhere app. It’s nice having all of our favorite Disney, Pixel and Marvel movies all in one place and it’s such a great summer boredom buster. This app is sure to be going with us on the rest of our summer travels.

What’s the first movie you will download with this app?

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Disney Movies Anywhere blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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  1. We are going on a road trip this weekend actually, so this will come in handy!

  2. This is a really handy app.This would be great for my kiddies when we go on a longer trip.

  3. This is a handy dandy app for sure. I love Pixar movies a lot, so it’s a great way to keep everyone entertained.

  4. I think my kids would love this! I think Finding Nemo would be a fun road trip app for our family!

  5. Oh this would be a MUST HAVE for long trips!

  6. I love that Disney and Pixar always put hidden things in the movies- very cool. Thank you for the tips on traveling with the kiddos.

  7. my family love to take road trips. This app would definitely be handy for those long road trips with three kiddos!

  8. Definitely need to check this out.

  9. Thanks for the tips! We are heading to the beach and will need them. And my kids are obsessed with all the Toy Story movies right now.

  10. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    THese are great tips and a very useful app. I also love the secret treat bag.

  11. Absolutely love this! It is so nice to be able to access the movies while traveling. Some days you just need to play Frozen to keep everyone happy

  12. Birdiebee says:

    I think the Disney Movies Anywhere App is a wonderful app especially when traveling with kids to keep them busy as well as not to argue with siblings or to keep asking “when are we going to be there?”. Thanks for sharing.

  13. We travel a lot in the summer. This app will help a lot!

  14. Snacks and entertainment are important when traveling. I’ll have to check out what movies are available!

  15. Those are some great tips and I really need to download this app! I hate traveling with DVDs and I know this would cut that out of the equation!

  16. Now that is an app I can use! I always buy a new movie for our trips for the kids to watch. An app would be easier. I agree that planning helps me stay sane.

  17. entertainment is important for travel. relaxed kids make the travel go by faster

  18. Great ideas. Snacks are great to have on hand.

  19. Great tips. Disney always seems to save the day!

  20. What a cool app! You can never have too much entertainment for kids on a road trip.

  21. This is a great idea. I wish we had these type of things when my daughters were younger for our long trips on the road.

  22. Tammy S says:

    You are a life saver! This app will come in handy when we go to my family reunion.

  23. GREAT app! I would probably download CARS or PLANES first.

  24. Thats an app that might be worth looking into for kiddo. We do have Amazon and Netflix and both have quite a few kids movies, Netflizx has a lot of Disney movies too.

  25. My kids would love this app on the iPad.

    Planning is always key, isn’t it?

  26. Disney sure knows how to keep parents and kids happy and road trips a peaceful experience! Thanks for sharing :-)

  27. These are some great tips to have when traveling with kids. Healthy snacks and lots of entertainment is definitely important for us! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Nicole Dz says:

    We bring tons of movies, car games, sing along cds, snack are a must a cooler comes in handy packed full.

  29. These are some wonderful tips! I’ve actually never heard of the Disney Movies Anywhere app, so I will have to get it, that’s for sure!

  30. I finally began using this and we just love it! I even use it on my iPad LOL

  31. We are headed to the beach very soon! This will definitely come in handy.

  32. Snacks are always a must! ;) My son does enjoy road trips with the iPad!

  33. Those are some great travel trips for traveling with kids. Maybe next summer we can use them as I would love to take a family trip.

  34. Travelling with kids can definitely be a challenge! We recently took a trip to my in-laws and wasn’t sure how my 3 year old son would do so we left at bed time and he slept the whole way and I drove lol I am going to try this next time LOL

  35. I am not really big on road trips. I won’t so more than 4 hours

  36. Oh, I am sure the kids will love this app and it is sure to keep them quiet for a while. Glad to see that it doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

  37. I am loving this app and the exclusive content they keep adding. Especially for the Pixie Hollow Bake Off!

  38. Our video player in our car just recently bit the dust so now all we have are our phones. thank goodness for phones!

  39. I do like Toy Story 2 so maybe that will be my first app. I definitely think having entertainment for road trips is a must!

  40. This looks like a great app. I wish it was available for android and/or Kindle. I don’t own any apple products.

  41. Disney movies are perfect because every one (no matter their age) loves a good Disney movie. :) I think you have some great tips here.

  42. Janet W. says:

    Wow this app would really come in handy for my grandsons! We’re traveling about 8 hours to FL in the next couple of weeks and I’m so afraid they are going to get bored and their behavior will turn to awful. This would keep them entertained!

  43. I think the 1st movie we will download is Lion King. The kids love that movie.

  44. This app is awesome! Monsters Univeristy was probably the first we added.

  45. I miss watching Disney and Pixar shows, But, it’s funny, my kids still will watch them on a roadtrip!

  46. These are great tips! This app is definitely a must have for long trips!

  47. What a neat app! Going to have to check it out for our little princess.

  48. Thanks for the tips! We are going on a short road trip in a few weeks!

  49. Shannon says:

    These are all great tips. Thank you for sharing.

  50. We love this app for the kids! Frozen is downloaded and ready to go!

  51. I need to get this app!

  52. We’re actually going on a trip to the beach today with little ones! I’ll have to check this out!

  53. I love having all the necessities ready for our road trips. They’re always so long, so Disney movies are at the top of my list.

  54. Packing snacks is super helpful – snacks on the go can be so expensive! Plus, they’re often far less nutritional that what we would pack ourselves.

  55. We try to pack snacks any and everywhere we go. So much simpler!

  56. Disney makes anything more fun. When long trips in the car are unavoidable, having access to the Disney and Pixar catalog is a huge blessing. This will be our favorite app.

  57. I’m going to download the app on both of my nieces tablets. They are going to need it on our 10 hour bus ride in two weeks.

  58. Look these kids are now technology obssessed. They cannot function without it so thanks Disney for providing another source of on-the-go entertainment!

  59. Yes! Keeping them occupied is key! I am going to check out this app. So many good movies!

  60. That is excellent! We don’t have children, but I could sure use the app. Hubby does the driving when we travel, so I can catch up on my favorite animated films!

  61. Thanks for sharing such great tips. I wish we had apps like this when I was younger.

  62. Absolutely great tips! We love the Disney Anywhere app!

  63. That is perfect! I love spending time playing road games & talking with the kids, but we can’t do that the entire road trip. It’s good to know that they can watch their favorite videos, so that everyone can have a nice trip.

  64. We have this on my husband’s phone. It’s definitely going to come in handy this summer.

  65. Perfect timing.
    My 4 year old is currently binging on everything Disney AND we’ve got an upcoming road trip!

  66. I’m a huge, huge fan of Pixar movies. Can’t wait to try this app out!

  67. What an awesome app! I’d download Finding Nemo.

  68. courtney b says:

    love toy story 2! but toy story 3 was better.. our favorite disney movie is either frozen or beauty and the beast !:) love all disney movies though!

  69. Thanks for the heads up! We will only be traveling a short distance with our children this summer, but I can think of so many occasions where an app like this could come in handy.

  70. Heather McCarty says:

    Disney makes anything more fun! I have Netflix and they have quite a few kids movies, Netflix has a lot of Disney movies too. This is a must download app and keeps mine calm and quiet.

  71. Petra Jadan says:

    Great app. IS very dfficult to travel with kids. We took a road trip to Michigan and it usually is a 12hour drive and because we stopped so much because kids wanted to either rest or use the restrooms we make it in about 18 hours.

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