The Popcorn Factory Snowy Night 7-Flavor Popcorn

The Popcorn Factory Snowy Night 7-Flavor Popcorn

Popcorn is always such a crowd pleaser. In fact, there probably aren’t many people out there who don’t enjoy a bit of popcorn from time to time. Sending the gift of popcorn to friends and family is a sure bet. Before we became a multi-generation household, I always sent mom a tin of popcorn from The Popcorn Factory for the holidays. Now we get to enjoy it together, making it all the better.

The Snowy Night 7-Flavor Popcorn tin offers something for everyone. It includes seven of The Popcorn Factory’s most inspired creations: cracked pepper & sea salt, cinnamon candy, peanut brittle, cheese, holiday kettle corn, dark chocolate sea salt, and drizzled caramel corn. I just love a sampler like this that gives you a bit of this and a bit of that.

The Popcorn Factory Snowy Night 7 Flavor Popcorn

The blue tin with silver snowflakes is beautiful and something I will definitely re-purpose. Inside the tin you’ll find 7 individual bags of popcorn nestled between cardboard dividers. The popcorn stays super fresh, thanks to this packaging. It was simple enough to open each pouch and pour them in between the dividers, which happens to do a very good job of keeping the flavors separate.

Our popcorn arrived very fresh and each bag was full of lots of fluffy pieces. The variety offered in this mix is great, offering a little sweet, spicy, and salty. It’s really hard for me to choose a favorite, because they are all so delicious. Fortunately everyone in the house, seems to have a different favorite. Except for the dark chocolate sea salt… mom and I keep bumping into each other while trying to get to that one. The kids are really enjoying the cheese and drizzled caramel flavors.

The Popcorn Factory Snowy Night 7-Flavor Popcorn

Are you looking for an affordable gift to send to family or friends this holiday season? The Popcorn Factory Snowy Night 7-Flavor Popcorn two-gallon tin is available for just $32.99 and is sure to be a big hit with everyone on your list.

* About A Mom received a sample.

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